MyKnowledgeMap Integrates Online Tutor Support to bring Blended Learning to ManagementDirect from the CMI

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8th April, 2013, York, UK

ManagementDirect, the Chartered Management Institute’s market-leading online management and leadership information and learning resource, is to offer a range of new interactive features developed by MyKnowledgeMap that will allow learners on CMI’s own programmes to study from their desktop with support from a live mentor.

The new tools, which feature MyKnowledgeMap’s ReallyManaging Assessment platform for managing assignments, learner reflections and feedback, will mean that CMI learners using the system will have access to personalised assessments and tests. They will be able to access rich, personal feedback over the internet.

Through ManagementDirect, CMI offers its learners a rich and engaging library of resources, including journal articles, e-books, online learning modules, videos, and best practice action checklists. Over the last year a new facility, Learning Journeys, has allowed CMI—and organisations who subscribe to the service—to create structured “mini-courses” by effectively “mining” the content resources within the service. These can be used to provide a structured learning response to key management issues for an employer, to support a competency framework, to provide preparation for internal induction and a host of other purposes. Individuals themselves can use the facility to create online ‘playlists’ of favourite or relevant resources.

Learning journeys can be tracked and reports can be downloaded on progress by organisational administrators. CMI also maintains its own record of how resources are being used, and uses this to inform content development.

Peter Thompson, CEO of MyKnowledgeMap, said:

“ReallyManaging Assessment allows CMI to create personalised assessments to complement the popular learning journeys. For employers accessing the service, the fact that they can build and manage their own structured online learning activities means that they can use ManagementDirect as a ready-made virtual learning environment for their organisation; containing relevant, customisable content.”

Ian Myson, Head of Product Management at CMI, said:

“Organisations who are investing strategically in management and leadership development are far more likely to be reaping the benefits through higher performance. Clearly a one-size fits all approach is not appropriate, and the improvements to ManagementDirect that CMI have been able to deliver by working with MyKnowledgeMap mean it is not only the most comprehensive online e-library available but also enables delivery of track-able, structured learning to meet organisational priorities and drive business success.”

Notes to editors

To find out more about MyKnowledgeMap’s innovative software platform contact Tom Holland on +44 (0)1904 659 465.

To speak to someone about CMI’s new blended learning programmes, contact +44 (0)1536 207404.

About MyKnowledgeMap

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in the UK, MyKnowledgeMap is a leading assessment and learning technology provider. We enable organisations to improve the way they manage, assess and analyse learning, skills, accreditation, competencies and human development through our ReallyManaging® product range and large scale customised systems and solutions.

About the Chartered Management Institute

CMI is the only chartered professional body dedicated to raising standards of management and leadership across all sectors of UK commerce and industry. CMI is the founder of the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership and sets the standards that others follow.

By setting minimum professional standards – built into our qualifications, membership criteria and learning resources – we recognise individual capability and give employers confidence in their managers’ performance.

As a membership organisation, CMI has also been providing forward-thinking advice and support to individuals and businesses, for more than 50 years. As the only organisation to offer qualifications from Level 2 (GCSE) to Level 8 (PhD), CMI is committed to equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to be exceptional managers and leaders.

Qualifications and accreditations such as Chartered Manager, combined with products such as CMI’s Continuous Professional Development scheme and the online support resource, ManagementDirect, support the development of management and leadership excellence across the UK.

Through in-depth research and policy surveys of its 90,000 individual and 450 corporate members, CMI maintains its position as the premier authority on key management and leadership issues

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