Modi to be Charged as Badal, under Alien Tort Claims Act-USA

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PRESS RELEASE: New York-  Sikhs For Justice have offered $ 20,000, including hiring PFI “Process Forwarding International”, a Washington based company to serve the summons on Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal in Chandigarh, India. The Hague Service is a treaty signed by both India and United States, which allows service of Judicial papers between the signatory countries without diplomatic involvement.

India-Muslim Association of USA, spokesman Jameel Patel, on the recent US Visa row in India, where 65 Members of Parliament signed a petition to President Obama, asking him to deny the Visa, on the basis of “Human Rights”, violations, due to which Chief Minister Modi has been refused Visa to USA, Canada, since 2005. ” Enough evidence exists to file a case in Eastern Courts of Wisconsin, to file a case on Modi, on his arrival in USA”, confirmed Jameel, we want him to come to USA, to highlight the “Godhra Violence”, in the International media, urge President Barack Obama to grant him visitor’s Visa to USA, before India’s Lok Sabha Elections, in 2014.

Friends of BJP USA, were skeptical on his visit to USA, under current circumstances, said Secretary Chandra Sinha. Indian Overseas Congress President

Vikram Bajwa , supporting the call India Muslim Association of USA, looks forward to Chief Minister Modi’s visit to USA. “Let the law of the land take its course, under The Torture Victim Protection Act ( TVPA), mentioning the case of Janhat Khan, who was killed during an encounter in Gujarat.

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