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Washington DC : The recent remarks of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, of claimimg to be a ” Hindu Nationalist”  and ordering “Sikhs” out of Gujarat, has engulfed the NRI’s in USA and Canada. Repeated efforts to project him as BJP candidate for the Prime Minister of India, has the US Politicians, rethink their Foreign policy on Asia and India, in particular. Major Non resident Associations are backing Coalition against Genocide, to block Modi’s visa to USA and Canada.

Overseas Friends of BJP, who are in regular touch with NRI’s, were asked a few questions,by SIkhs, Muslims and Christians, from India on Chief Minister Modi, which are listed in an Open Letter to Hon’ble Chief Minister Narendra Modi, drafted by Indian Overseas Congress:

The Hon’ble Chief Minister

Shri. Narendra Modi

Ahemadabad.Gujarat.India.       Attn: P/S.

Dear Chief Minister Narendra Modi Ji,

You have been in touch with NRI’s in USA and Canada, since 2004 and numerous times have held your Video-Conferences, to bring them closer to home, to assist you in the economy and education of Gujarat. You have held Gujarat Parvasi Divas on the same Lines, which the NRI’s reciprocated by Investing money in Gujarat, which became a ‘Winning” strategy for you and BJP.

Since BJP and RSS, wish to endorse you as a Prime Minister candidate, just like the Presidential Elections in United States, we behalf of 138 NRI Organizations in USA and Canada, wish to ask you these simple questions, to be answered via the Media, so it reaches us in USA and Canada.

1. What is the meaning of ” Hindu Nationalist ?

2. Why are you ANTI-Muslims, Anti-Sikhs, Anti-Christians, if not, what have you accomplished for them, since you have been Chief Minister of Gujarat.

3. How many Sikh-Gujarati’s did you rescue from-Uttaranchal, who went to Gurudwara Hemkunt Sahib ?

4. Do you have any Minority Policy in Gujarat, to protect their Human Rights and Property Rights ?

5. If you become the Prime Minster of India, will you go to Golden temple, Jam Masjid, St. James Church, have you ever ben to any in your term as Chief Minister ? We have been informed Member Parliament Navjot Sidhu , Deouty Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, have requested you numerous times to go to Golden temple, Amritsar, but you did not have time to do so -WHY?

6. If you become Prime Minister, what will be your policy on the armed Forces of India ? Will you have Sikh, Christian and Muslim heads ?

7. If you become Prime Minister of India, what will be your Foreign Policy for UK, USA and Canada -Mid-East ?

8. If you become the Prime Minister Will you ask the Muslims to Repatriate to Pakistan or Bangla Desh ?

9. Some Muslim and Sikh NRI’s compare you to ” a Political- Dictator, how would you respond to them ?

10. What will be your Policy for Jammu & Kashmir, article 370 and referendum ?

11. How will you improve relations with Pakistan by “War” or Diplomacy ?

12. Central Ministries are very Multicultural, what policy will you have in Ministries ?

13.If BJP declares you as Prime Minister Candidate, who would you declare as your Home Minister, Finance Minister, Defence Minister , prior to Elections ?

14. Do you have any Children ? What do they do ?

15. Why do you want to become the Prime Minister of India. ?

Indian Overseas Congress has asked the NRI’s to Email them all questions to be asked from you and we will continue to ask you 15 Questions, every month, until the Elections are held in 2014. We wish to be above Politics to communicate with you, request you to respond at your earliest convenience.

We NRI’s, have India in our Hearts, even though we live thousands of miles away and most of them wish to see a prosperous and healthy India.


Vikram  JS Bajwa


Indian Overseas Congress

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