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A New Out-of-Home Advertising Platform is Launched

PORTLAND, OR — February 17, 2014 — Michael Patrick Partners, a nationally recognized brand development firm, announced today that it has completed a startup branding assignment for a new out-of-home (OOH) advertising channel.

RangeAds, headquartered in Lake Oswego, OR, came to Michael Patrick Partners to develop the brand from the ground up. The channel provides a unique campaign approach to cut through the noise and speak to precise demographics. With this program, regional and national advertisers get a brand (logo) printed on thousands of golf balls that are then distributed to public and private driving ranges with highly desirable zip codes. It’s an opportunity for advertisers to achieve high-quality brand recall using a unique targeted medium. With RangeAds, any brand can become part of a golfer’s swing thought.

“This now one of the most personal touchpoint brand awareness experiences available,” stated Terry Ward, RangeAds founder and CEO. “We’ve created a new cost-effective advertising tactic to connect with desired golf-aligned demographic profiles. The audience tees the brand and sees the brand—over and over and over again.”

Michael Patrick Partners completed the end-to-end brand development program—they wrote the brand strategy (platform, messaging system, and copy writing) and designed all visual identity components including the logo, sales collateral, and website design.

“Doo Maidens, Michael Patrick Partners co-founder and creative director said, “The goal was to have RangeAds look like a Fortune 1000 company out of the gate—a brand major advertisers would view as credible. That’s what we achieve for all of our startup clients. Visit rangeads.com and take a look.”

Another tactic the brand development firm applied was to use the Squarespace web environment (squarespace.com). When the situation is appropriate, the firm uses Squarespace to get a beta site up quickly so messaging systems can be tested and evaluated.

Michael Patrick Partners is a nationally recognized brand development firm located in Menlo Park, Portland, San Antonio, and Scottsdale. It specializes in brand strategy and design, corporate communications, digital branding, and marketing communications programs for education, financial and professional services, healthcare, nonprofit, and technology markets. The firm has 500+ design awards to its credit.

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For additional information visit Michael Patrick Partners’ website michaelpatrickpartners.com

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