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ViendoMovies programs award winning films, especially selected for the month of December

PRESS RELEASE: MIAMI, Florida (12/5/2013)– During the month of December, ViendoMovies will be releasing several high profile, award winning feature films with credited casts from various countries in Latin America; including films from Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Venezuela. In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, the channel has selected many comedies to provide the audience with good laughs in front of the screen.

This selection of films goes with a change in the channel’s on-air look, in line with the network’s strategy to customize its presence for significant dates. ViendoMovies is a leader in the multicultural efforts within the Latino Pay TV landscape, conscious to the fact that this is a key component for both the immigrant and assimilated Latino populations.

“Habana Eva” kicks off the December line up on the 7th at 7PM with a story about a young seamstress who is frustrated with her lazy, yet good-looking boyfriend when she meets a sophisticated Cuban-Venezuelan who promises her a glamorous future. After many deceptions, she is faced with a tough decision to choose between the two men she loves. The Venezuelan film has a credited cast including Prakriti Maduro, Yuliet Cruz and Juan Carlos Garcia and won “Best Film” in the New York Latino Film Festival. Following at 9PM, enjoy the Spanish film “La Isla Interior” winner of “Best Actor” in the Valladolid International Film Festival and of “La Naranja de Buñuel” in the Ibero American Short Film Festival. The film follows three siblings that struggle to survive financially and although following their dreams would separate them, they know they cannot afford to chase those hopes.

On December 14th enjoy another set of back to back feature films starting at 7PM with the Spanish film “Atraco a las 3 y media”, nominated for a Goya for “Best Original Song”. The audience can enjoy a comedy about a bank with a new director that believes the former rules and employees are no longer effective. He forces everyone into early retirement leaving a sentiment of dissolution, except with one former employee who looks at the situation through opportunist eyes; there is still time to pull a bank robbery from the inside! Immediately after enjoy “Extraños en la noche”, the Argentinean film starring Diego Torres, about a classical musician who falls in love with an aspiring rock singer named Sol. Just as they thought her big break was coming, she learns she is pregnant.

“El Babysitter”, the new Chilean movie, airs at 7PM on December 21st, followed by “Torrente: El Brazo Tonto de la Ley” the high profile Spanish film which has 5 wins and 3 nominations including 2 Goya’s for “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best New Director”. “El Babysitter” is about a teenage boy, Emilio, who works as a clown for kid’s parties in his friends company. The two have a great working relationship and friendship, until the exuberant new neighbor moves in. The neighbor, Sol, works as a nanny taking care of her cousins, which Emilio sees as an opportunity to change jobs and get close to her. Emilio doesn’t realize love is closer than he thinks.

Don’t miss the Spanish film “El Estafador” on December 28th at 7PM. The movie is about a girl named Ana, orphaned after her mother’s death, who meets a con man, Michael, with nothing else to offer her except his company and experience a swindler. She sees him as the father figure she never had, while she is his path to redemption. The last but most certainly not least feature film of December, “A Tiro de Piedra”, airs that same night at 9PM. This award winning film had 3 wins in the Gramado Film Festival for “Best Director”, “Best Actor”, and “Best Screenplay”, 1 win for “Best Debut Director” in the Kerala Film Festival and 2 Ariel nominations for “Best First Work” and “Best Cinematography”. The Mexican film is about a shepherd who leaves his life behind in Mexico after coming across a mysterious key chain. Will the key chain lead him to paradise, or will it all be for nothing?

Adding this collection of films to ViendoMovies’ December lineup showcases the company’s commitment to its mission; bringing their audience only the best originally produced Spanish language cinema from across Latin America. Don’t miss it; only available on ViendoMovies, the best channel for Spanish cinema!

ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that broadcasts contemporary Spanish-language film 24 hours a day with no commercial breaks, with a culturally relevant premium on air look. ViendoMovies is produced in the USA for the US Hispanic and Puerto Rico markets and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information please visit us at and

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