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PRESS RELEASE (6/7/2013): Author David Uerkvitz was astounded to find that his DNA matched that of a body of the Kurgan tribe that existed in the Fourth Millennium B.C.  This body was found in a kurgan, or burial mound.  The Kurgans are named after their burial mounds, as the original name of the tribe is unk

This amazing tribe, just barely out of the Stone Age, was the first  tribe in history to tame and ride horses, a great step in the evolution of civilization.  They lived in eco-friendly pit-houses to protect them from their extreme climatic conditions, and foraged and hunted for a living.  They built burial mounds for their nobility.  Their society was loosely democratic, but divided into the layers of the ruling class, the warrior class, the working class, and the artisans, who were not particularly skilled.  They would never see a wheel, bronze, or iron.  Their only metals were copper, tin, and gold, which they used to ornament their robes for ceremonies or festivals.  Copper was the only useful metal they had for weaponry other than stone axes and maces.  They wore shoes, some made from muskrat hides with their feet still attached.  Their culture depended on horses.  They hunted the vicious wild horses of the steppe for their meat, domesticated the mares for milk to make kumis, a kind of yoghurt, and used their hides for clothing.  Horse riding got mankind off its feet.    

David Uerkvitz grew up on the plains of western Oklahoma during the depression, and understands scrounging for a living.  “Adin:  A Novel of Prehistory” is the result of in-depth research and a vivid imagination through which he created Adin’Ur, a member of the leading family of his clan.  In this novel, you will meet not only the Kurgans but also their avowed enemies, the war-like Scythians, and follow Adin as he tries to find his moral compass in an animistic society.  His world has no written language, and only the shamans and the dark magical arts of the sorcerers provide guidelines for the life of a Kurgan.  Only taboos restrained their society from anarchy.  There was a hierarchy of the gods they worshipped, and every living thing had a spirit.

The young Adin is forced into an arranged marriage, but soon discoveres that his beautiful wife plans to be a sorceress and bring up their son, Vlo, to be a sorcerer.  Adin fears the dark ares, and absconds with his child along with his former sweetheart, Mib’Im, to escape the sorcery of his wife, Fi’Me. Adin is a powerful singer, and, as he rides across the steppe he sings the legends, odes, and sagas of the Kurgan ancestors for the Kurgan clans he comes across.  His charismatic personality attracts a large following as he searches for the “place that is calling him from the ground”.

How far and fast must they run to out-run a curse?  Can he escape the wicked Dahig, a Scythian who has vowed revenge on the house of ‘Ur, and is constantly lurking in the shadows of the forest steppe?

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