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PRESS RELEASE: San Diego, CA (July 2013) – Meet America’s most popular lizard, the leopard gecko, this July at Petco™’s free, family-friendly “Meet the Critters” event, taking place July 6-7, 2013 from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Attend the event to learn why these brightly colored animals are a great first pet and beyond. Guests can also learn more about these popular pets’ physical, social, mental and emotional needs. Caring for leopard geckos is a simple, fun and great way to teach children about responsibility and caring for another living thing. Below are some interesting facts about this reptile and clues as to why they are No. 1 among lizard pet parents:

  • They have great personalities: While leopard geckos do not like to live with other animals, they like to stay socially engaged by interacting with their pet parents. They are very calm, patient and pleasant animals.
  • They are fun to watch: To stay physically fit, leopard geckos can be seen climbing small branches from time to time – they are the only geckos with small nails, instead of sticky toes.
  • They communicate well: Leopard geckos have a voice that resembles a small bark and use it to let pet parents know when they want some alone time, which will help keep them emotionally happy.
  • They contribute to home décor: Leopard geckos love to have different colored sand in their habitat, making it fun for children to personalize their pet’s terrarium. It can also be a beautiful focal point for any room.
  • Crickets are their main source of nutrition: These creatures love their crickets. In fact, leopard geckos receive most of their nutrition from these tasty critters. However, many crickets that are purchased as food are bred in captivity and do not contain the same nutritional value as those found in the wild. As a solution, opt for VitaBug, crickets that are fed a nutrient rich diet that, in turn, translates to a healthy pet!

For more information on this month’s “Meet the Critters” free, family-friendly event, contact the nearest Petco location or visit

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