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PRESS RELEASE: Wellesley, MA (September 11, 2013)- Robert and Phyllis Totaro, the sole owners of J. Todd Galleries in Wellesley, MA, said today that they are seeking prospects interested in acquiring their nationally known Wellesley art gallery business.  After more than three decades in business, J. Todd Galleries’ founders and owners have put forth their plan for the next couple of years, and a transition plan into their gradual, eventual retirement from the business.

 The gallery is currently one of the largest and longest operated in New England, with a highly respected brand and unique positioning in the New England art market.  The couple, both transplants from management positions in hi-tech industries, began the business in 1980 with just their personal art collection as its inventory.  Today it houses thousands of works, and has handled over 45,000 works through its storied history.  The company now does business nationwide, and has had many international clients, both through the Wellesley gallery and through its extensive web presence and social media.

 “Sometimes people think of an art gallery as a simple showroom where paintings are hung for sale and people come and buy them,” says Bob Totaro. “A lot of tourist area galleries work this way.  But ours is really a more full-service art business.”  Totaro goes on to explain that the business encompasses art shows, art restoration, art appraisal, corporate consulting and a broad range of custom framing.  “We learned a lot of it ‘on the job’ and we are interested in teaching a new owner everything we know,” says Totaro.  A new owner or owners (probably avid art lovers) will have the benefit of having the best teachers of  ‘Art Gallery Operations’ in the Boston area and all New England as their mentors,” he says. “And key personnel and artists would also like to stay on board, which is important.  And if someone wanted to, they could easily divide the enterprise into two parts—an Art Gallery and an Art Services business, each with its own management,” he explains.

 “We have no plans to go out of business and we have no plans to move away from the Wellesley area.  We have always been profitable, and we have no reason to let the business stop operating.  We have thousands of loyal clients that are relying on our staying around in some capacity.  Our goal is to find just the right buyer(s), who are serious about owning and running the business and who can rely on our sticking around for a year or so after the acquisition, and maybe longer in some capacity”, said Totaro.  “The company is also in a very strong position to be grown if a new owner has that desire, and we could certainly guide them in that effort.”

 The business was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1982 and  “J. Todd Galleries” is a Registered Trademark.

 Please direct questions to Robert Totaro by phone at:  617-435-3434 or by email to:  Make your subject: “Art Gallery Business for Sale”

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