Last Night While You Were Dreaming, You Got Mail! John Paul Jackson Explores Power of Dreams and Mysteries In New Show

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PRESS RELEASE (10/2/2013) – Last night, while you were sleeping, you may have gotten an important message in a dream.  The idea for Google came from a dream.  Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the sewing machine were seen in dreams.  Dreams can be mysterious and hard to understand.  This fall, dream expert John Paul Jackson is hosting a new show to help people unlock the power of their dreams.  Dreams and Mysteries premieres Oct. 3rd, Thursday 10:30pm EST on Daystar.

“Dreams are one of mankind’s greatest mysteries,” explains Jackson.  “Dreams use a symbolic language. To have a correct interpretation one has to know the dream source and dream code.” Jackson is an internationally recognized authority on Christian spirituality and has interpreted over 40,000 dreams.

The average person spends at least a third of their life sleeping and a minimum of six years dreaming. But where do dreams come from? Some dreams come from pizza or stress but others come from the spiritual dimension.   All major religions agreed that dreams sent from the Eternal source are important and valuable messages.

“Dreams are a mystery, and the unraveling of their meaning often comes hidden in an ancient Hebraic code,” says Jackson. “However, there are different types of dreams and universal symbols that anyone can understand.” Here are 5 common dreams and their meaning: 

  • 1.   Flying- A person can rise above problems or move in the spiritual realm.
  • 2.   Teeth falling out- One may be experiencing a loss or inability to understand and/or discern something. 
  • 3.   Storms – If the color of the storm is light/bright it refers to something God is bringing. If dark or muted, it is speaking about negative or destructive forces from powers of darkness. 
  • 4. Finding a wallet or money – More than financial gain, finding money can represent finding resources, identity or purpose. 
  • 5.   Shower – This means cleansing, washing or purifying process that a dreamer is going through.

“Imagine if the dream you had last night, contained the answer that you had been looking for, and you didn’t know it? Knowing the meaning of a dream can be life changing.” Jackson concludes.

Dreams& Mysteries with John Paul Jackson airs Thursday evening 10:30-11:00 EST and Wednesdays at 3:00-3:30 on Daystar. The show premieres Oct. 3rd

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John Paul Jackson is an international leader in Dream Interpretation and Christian Spirituality.  Jackson is an author, speaker and teacher and has interpreted over 40,000 dreams over four decades. 


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