Khalistan Support in USA and Canada, Indian Overseas Congress invites for Talks

in Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Vancouver ( Cheryl Robinson) Prime Minister Stephan Harper on his last trip to India, assured the India Govt., no terror activity will be allowed from the Canadian Soil, especially from Anti-India Lobby and organizations with the belief of creating a Territory within the borders of Punjab, India. Indian Overseas Congress has always opposed such NRI Organizations, individuals, but wish to take a Fresh approach to the mindset and Thoughts of Khalistan supporters.

IOC in the Summer meeting in Whistler, B.C., was advised by their Lawyer Heidi Vaughn, to invite such Organizations and individuals for a roundtable discussion to support the integrity of India and Punjab. IOC President Vikram Bajwa, agrees to hold theses talks, since the ” Freedom of Right of speech”, cannot be violated in Canada or United States and ” if we sitting at a roundtable with Khalistanis, can improve the political thoughts which promote goodwill and integrity of India, we’re most willing to hold such a conference”.

General Secretary Sunil Malhotra, sends an “Open Invitation”, to Khalistan Affairs Council, Dashmesh Darbar, Sikhs For Justice, World Sikh Council, Canadian Sikh Council, to agree to IOC Invitation and then a date and Time can be arranged, for the meeting, to be held in Seattle, Washington. USA. All Khalistan supporters can call 604-617-8711 in Canada and 415-573-5234 in USA, or log into, for their response. ” It is high time somebody talks openly about our thoughts”, said Harpal Sidhu, a Khalistani activist of Toronto.

Federation of India, also supports such an initiative to bring Unity among Sikh and Hindus, across Canada and United States, which has been divided and has no relevance in politics of Punjab, back home or here in Canada and USA.

Even though there is a Registered Sikh Political Party in England, but none of the NRI’s have contested any Election on the platform of Khalistan, ” let us burry this issue”, where Pakistan does not encourage undercover operations in Punjab India, said Mohinder Singh, retired Police Officer of Punjab

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