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PRESS RELEASE- Vancouver (Cheryl Robinson) : Many similarities have comparison, between the Quebec Referendum of 1995, when the French speaking lost by a very narrow margin of 50.58% “NO” to 49.42% “YES”, that Quebec should secede from Canada, to the present day calls of ” Khalistan ” in Canada, during the month of April, Vaisakhi Celebrations, in Surrey, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. Since 9/11 the calls for Khalistan in USA, Yuba City, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and New York, has seen more allegiance U.S.A, political thought than dream of dividing Punjab, India and Punjab ,Pakistan.

Indian Overseas Congress,President Vikram Bajwa agrees to forward a request to President Pranab Mukherjee to consider a complete “BAN ON DEATH”, policy in India, as most of the Commonwealth countries, around the globe have, reduced their crime rate by ” Abolishing Death Penalty”, in their respective countries, with a control on Guns. A resolution to “Abolish Death Penalty”, in India was passed by the executive of Indian Overseas Congress, today in Chicago, after concluding a report on crime and Death Penalty by Prof. John Steven of Boston College of Law.

The Peace talks agenda call on June 20th, 2013, by Indian Overseas Congress President Vikram Bajwa and Gen. Sec. Anil Malhotra, has had a very prompt and encouraging response from 1800 Callers in Canada and USA, 600 calls from England, including over 200 calls from Punjab india, which form the basis of this report and with continued Invitation by IOC, to hold a Roundtable Conference with Khalistanis, in the interest of building bridges, for the future Indo-Canada, Indo-American and Indo-English, children and adoption of Laws and political participation in new homes.

The creation of Bangladesh in 1971, had Pakistan on the path of revenge from India, which inculcated the Support to Khalistan, during the period of 1981-1984, when the Operation Blue Star, took place in Golden Temple, with heavy casualties on both sides for the India Army and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, including innocent worshippers, caught in the game of two powers of wanted to control ” Harmander Sahib”, namely Akali Dal (B) and Damdami Taksal. All associated during the operation Blue Star Sant Longowal and SGPC Gurcharan Singh Tohra, S.Praksh Singh Badal, currently Chief Minister of Punjab, Balwant Singh Ramoowalia, ex-MP and others, refused to endorse a call for “Khalistan”, thus putting a Full Stop on the Political game of Pakistan to recognize it and then move the Pakistan ARMY into Punjab, India and include it in their borders. Intelligence sources in the West confirm Pakistan had plans to capture Punjab and Kashmir of India, during Operation Blue Star. Pakistan even  allured the Khalistan activists to include Punjab in Pakistan as borders for Khalistan, which was laughed by Indian, Russian and West Generals, who were monitoring the secret files of Pakistan.

Now lets come back here to Canada and USA, where every year Sikhs Celebrate Vaisakhi, with remembrance to Sikh Guru’s History and religion, but hijacked by more recent events of 1980’s in Punjab, India., in foreign lands, supported by economics to obtain “Green Cards and Permanent resident Cards”, in USA and Canada, by filing Political Asylums, which after 9/11 in New York have been drastically reduced, thus the migration increase to Canada and Australia, with the same objective to gain permanent residency, by Human Rights-Political Asylum, thus increasing the calls for Khalistan in Punjab India, where there have been None granted on the basis of inclusion of Pakistan Areas, of purported Khalistan.

The Sikhs have been led to confusion and held hostages by these Lawyers and the Agenda of “Political Asylum”, to endorse and increase calls for separation, with no relevance of a referendum or any Political Party in India, participation in Parliament of India of Parliament of Pakistan. Since the Canadian Government, recently refused to grant over 400 Tamils, Political Asylum, the momentum of such referendums have gained prominence, with some of the local MLA’s M.P.’s Mayors , who have been financed by them, to win their Political Chairs, are leading them to call for a ” Khalistan Referendum”, by 2035, on the basis of religion and Language, just like the ” Quebec Referendum”.

The Peace Talk call by IOC, was reciprocated by Khalistan Affairs Dr. Amarjit Singh,who via his YouTube, message was surprised, skeptical and confused as a Politician. Canadian Sikh Council and Dashmesh Darbar spokesman S. Moninder Singh, while sharing his opinion on the “Rountable Conference”, has valid points, which touch the “1984 Violence”, evading of Justice, Human Rights issues and pardoning of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana and Prof Bhullar. IOC wishes to stress a point to Canadian Sikh Coalition and its members, who are ONLY Canadian Citizens, thus deprived of any Political participation in Punjab, India, more over as per their vision, mission listed in their website, they wish to establish a Sovereign Punjab State, with no political party in Punjab, in B.C., or Canada, which dilutes their mission, thus confusing their members of the Sikh Faith. IOC requests CSC President and Directors to form a political party in Canada or India, if they wish to pursue their mission, or stop misleading the innocent Sikh Children who have been born in Canada, in Sikh Religion.

On response from, IOC agrees to ask the UPA Government, headed by Dr. Manmohan SIngh to constitute a ” Judicial Panel”, to investigate the delay and convictions of 1984 Violence in New Delhi, India, to also include members from major Gurudwara’s of England, USA, Canada and Australia. “Political Panel”, should be constituted by members of Congress, BJP, Akali Dal (B), to present a report on ordering of “Operation Blue Star”. S.G.P.C. and Akaal Takht Jathedar should Approach General Bikram SIngh of Indian Army for return of Sikh Historical scriptures, with financial damages. India Human Rights panel, should include Non Resident Indian and NRI-Human Rights Lawyers.Akali Dal (B), should take up ‘Anandpur Sahib resolution”, through their M.P.’s in Parliament of India. Sikhs as minorities, should be included in Constitution rights granted to Schedule Tribe, under reservation for education and Jobs, in Punjab and India.Akali Dal Badal’s agenda for “Punjabi Suba”, has antognised the Himachal, Haryana, Rajasthan and Jammu Kashmir residents and has adversely effected Punjab, which had borders touching New Delhi, after Independence.

There were over 1800 calls and emails to IOC OPEN Invitation response, about 1000 from Canada, majority of them on “Human Rights” abuses in India, including proclaimed offenders, 800 from USA, with major concerns of NRI-Property disputes and Justice for 1984 Riots.Sikhs For Justice, has overtaken the Sikh Agenda, out of the USA Gurudwaras and is gearing to form a political Voice and participation n US Congressional elections, with the new Sikh Leaders, none of them wish to return to India, for it is still considered a developing Country, with issues of Power, employment and education.

The 2 week analysis report is being made open to Khalistanis and NRI’s for an open debate and Roundtable conference in September in Seattle, Washington, where M.P.’s of Congress, BJP, Akali Dal, Conservative, Liberal, would be invited among others to participate in an open Forum, for the betterment of Generation Y, in USA, CANADA, England and India.

IOC President, Vikram Bajwa strongly feels Quebec Referendum would be repeated in Canada which will give a rise to Khalistan referendum by 2035, when the new Indian generation, will form their Political parties, on the basis of French Freedom, but the Sikhs of USA, are in support of Local Punjab and India Political parties, while monitoring the ” Human Rights”, abuses and failedd Justice system of India. Gen Sect. Sunil Malhotra, will set the Agenda of the invitation of ” Roundtable Conference”, with Khalistanis and release it to the press in August .

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