KHALISTAN activities Averted-PRISM (US) in Punjab India,from Pakistan-Indian Overseas Congress

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PRESS RELEASE: New York (6/13/2013)- PRISM, until recently a Top Intelligence File in NSA, was leaked by Snowden, for his fair assessment of life and Rights in United States and around the World. Ever since World War II, all major super Powers, with Nuclear Arms, including Canada,Russia, China, India, England, Germany, United States and more recently Pakistan, have developed the Intelligence sharing Hi-Tech computers, to safe guard their citizens, property and avert Terror attacks.

Indian Overseas Congress, strongly feels, such Intelligence information in the ” Right Hands”, protects the Nation and its citizens, irrespective of the Country concerned said IOC President Vikram Bajwa, here in New York, during a Convened meeting of Industry of Intelligence, interested in doing business with India.

Had PRISM like system be in place, Operation Blue Star,in Amritsar on June 1984 could have been averted, said  Giani Sujjan Singh Dhillon of Washington D.C., while Harish Sinha of GOPIO, feels PRISM, intruded the Rights of US and Indian Citizens and should be investigated for any wrong doings. Attorney Kanwal Sandhu is of the view, such Intelligence operations are targeted towards Foreign combat countries and evolve strategies to counter them, Defence mechanism of the country is based on Intelligence gathering techniques , which have averted Khalistan activities in Punjab, India.

Mohinder Dhillon, ex Police Officer of India, endorses the functioning of any Police Force depends on its abilities to gather information, being in ” Right Hands”, is positive, but if in ” Wrong Hands”, can be devastating and counter productive in any Political establishment and generates a ” Fear” of intrusion and mistrust, which is the story of India and Pakistan, since 1930.

While India has requested NSA, to share all information related to India, Punjab feels a sigh of relief, from the activists of Khalistan, who want to carve another country, within the parameters of Punjab, India. “We urge Punjab Police and India Defence system, to install such ” PRISM” System in Pakistan Border and Punjab Police Head Quarters in Chandigarh, to safeguard India, from Anti-India Forces, especially active in Pakistan.

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