Just Off the Press: David Uerkvitz’s Book II of Kurgan Tales, “Explaining Wardiyah”.

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Author David Uerkvitz has released  book II of “Kurgan Tales.  The award-winning book, “Adin”  A Novel of Prehistory”, introduces Adin’Ur, the intrepid son of the clan leader of Botai.  He founds a new settlement across the steppe, and Book II tells of the adventures and exploits of his son Vlo’Ur. 

After rescuing his father, Adin”Ur, leader of the powerful Ur tribe on the steppe of Central Asia, Vlo’Ur is drawn to reunite with his mother, whom he barely remembers.  Estranged since his father left to escape her dalliance with dark sorcery, Vlo’s journey leads him to an attack against a small clan of red-headed, green-eyed people.  Looked upon with suspicion due to their unearthly looks, one among their survivors is taken as Vlo’s slave.  Her name in Wardiyah, a spindly girl with wild flaming hair.

Wardiyah develops into an unusual beauty with intellectual and political abilities.  Her presence often requires explanations from Vlo, further empowering her formidable skills of manipulation.  Things take a dramatic turn once Vlo finds his mother as a family secret comes to light that will forever change the destiny of both son and mother.  Rushing back to his father’s side, Vlo must work fast to be able to meet the onrushing Scythians on even terms–or he wil die trying. 

Visceral action played out on a land barely out of the Stone Age, this profoundly entertaining, sweeping epic dives deeply into the social structure and culture of the people while mining timeless themes that have connected mankind across history.

“Explainin Wardiyah” is available on Amazon and Kindle.

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