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LIGHTNING RELEASES — Campbell, CA, June 17, 2014 – Zircon Corporation, manufacturer of stud finders, detectors and scanners knows how to market high-technology products to tool enthusiasts worldwide. Zircon shares its firsthand marketing expertise in the new blogging series “Zircon’s Marketing Toolbox”.

One of three premier blog sites, Zircon’s Marketing Toolbox engages the reader with easy-to-follow topics and content. Marketers receive tips, techniques, and tools on proven best practices to optimize ROI, increase sales, and engage a loyal fan base. With its visual and enticing storytelling, new content is refreshed often, making it the go-to resource for timely and relevant business-to-business marketing content. Zircon’s Marketing Toolbox illustrates successful new product launch ideas, provides vivid digital marketing concepts, and details how manufacturers collaborate with retailers, among other relevant topics.

Marketing challenges and opportunities are both highlighted in this new blog series. Titles include “It’s All in the Packaging” and “What is a Blog?”. Zircon’s Marketing Toolbox is a site to be visited by business professionals who want to lead or maintain their competitive edge in the crowded consumer marketplace and customers just interested in the business.

“Zircon’s Marketing Toolbox provides a behind the scenes in-depth view of the intricate operations of a leading global manufacturer – how tools come to life through the product life cycle, how marketers envision and lead the process from concept to implementation, and how offline and online marketing are both required for success in today’s competitive retail environment”, stated John Stauss, Zircon’s President.

An excerpt from “It’s Showtime!” documents how manufacturers get a jumpstart on igniting holiday sales by planning during the summer months.

Prep time sets the stage for success days, weeks, months and sometimes even years down the line. To successfully promote a holiday campaign or launch a new product into the marketplace, extensive details cannot be left to chance – everything needs to be intricately placed together like pieces of a Jenga puzzle that must fit just right and with the right touch.

Click here for the latest from Zircon’s Marketing Toolbox or learn more from Zircon at their other blog sites, Zircon Pro Expert and Zircon in the Real World.

Find Zircon on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @ZirconTools, or visit www.zircon.com.  

For more information, please contact Sharon Gee at sharon.gee@zircon.com.

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