JSN Holdings Announces Release of the ChargerLeash The first USB Alarm / Charge / Sync cable for portable devices.

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PRESS RELEASE: Ridgewood, New Jersey — September 30, 2013 — JSN Holdings announces the immediate availability of the ChargerLeash, a universal electronics accessory that ensures any portable  electronic device will always have the power required to stay fully functional. Chargerleash

Designed to address the growing problem of portable device chargers being left behind – leaving tech-dependent consumers and professionals without the power they need to keep moving at the speed of life – this newly-patented product delivers an effortless solution for less than the cost of a replacement charger.

The ChargerLeash cable “leashes” your device to its power source, issuing an audible alert when you unplug your device. This alarm reminds the consumer to pack their power accessories when they’re on the go. Compatible with any USB to micro, Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning or multi-tip charging system, it safeguards anyone’s ability to stay connected, accessible and focused.

“People panic when they realize they left their charger behind,” said Inventor Brian Tedesco. “Why? Because portable electronic devices play a critical role in modern efficiency. Without a way to recharge them, we’re stuck!

Forgotten chargers are a true handicap in the mobile, electronic world we live in. People on the go don’t have time to track down a new way to power up,” said Tedesco. “We simply can’t afford to walk away from the one essential tool that keeps us connected to the world at large.”

Paired with a bonus (Android) app that can silence the ChargerLeash within 100 yards of its “home” location, this product makes it easier than ever to make sure you always have the power you need.

ChargerLeash is the flagship product of JSN Holdings, and central to its commitment to deliver simple, seamless innovations that support efficiency in the electronic age.

ChargerLeash is available for distribution and purchase through local, independent retailers of consumer electronics and accessories. For more information on the ChargerLeash, please visit: http://chargerleash.com/

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