John Lyman’s “God’s Lions” series in a new and unusual marketing campaign.

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God’s Lions “The Secret Chapel” the first book in the series continues it’s motion picture development.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/20/2014) – John Lyman, whose current book “Realm of Evil” charted on three continents, whilst his first in the series “The Secret Chapel” continues it’s motion picture development stage, has landed a new and unique marketing deal with AAO Music an associate of his movie developer Kuys Entertainment Group. The deal brokered by Peter G. Kuys, will see an insert featuring the four book series as well as promoting a blog link for the film included in physical CD audio product released by the label throughout 2014. They will feature music of Bob Marley, Irving Berlin’s Songbook series, Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd as well as CD’s with # 1’s of the 40’s. 50’s and 60’s to name but a few genres.

About John Lyman:

John Lyman is the bestselling author of the “God’s Lions” series of books. His thrillers have captured the imagination of readers around the world and are rising steadily in popularity, both in the United States and the UK. His first novel, “God’s Lions-The Secret Chapel” rose quickly to the number one spot on the Kindle bestseller list in several genres and was soon followed by two sequels: “God’s Lions-House of Acerbi” and “God’s Lions-The Dark Ruin”. both of which also attained the # 1 spot on the Amazon bestsellers list in their genre. The fourth book in the series, “God’s Lions- Realm of Evil” is out now.  :

About the motion picture:

Peter G Kuys, Chairman of Kuys Entertainment adds: “When earlier this year we became involved in representing John and his “God’s Lions” series, I had become spellbound by his storytelling and decided that this was serious motion picture material. Reaching out to my friend (current editor on The Mentalist) Christopher Cibelli drew a similar passionate response and we set out to get a screenplay written and find other warriors for this project with great results.”

“This is a story that needs to be told on the screen” says Kuys.

About the marketing campaign:

These Audio products feature in all good music retailers, both big box like Wal-Mart Best Buy and chains like B & N , Hastings as well as across the independents and online retailers like Amazon.

Kuys comments “ This will put the series into a wide new audience whichwill add to sales and to building an ever wider fan base for the upcoming   movie” Keep up to date with the developments via this link:

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