Isotrak, Inc. Brings an Industry-First Service to Market and Provides a Transformational Shift in Fleet Logistics

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3iS FleetVision closes the visibility gap between businesses and their third party suppliers

San Diego, CA (March 13, 2013) – As the market’s most innovative and trusted provider of GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, Isotrak, Inc. ( introduces a first-to-market service that provides complete, real-time visibility of third party logistics and supplier fleets. Designed to extend fleet efficiencies and savings across the whole supply chain, 3iS FleetVision creates a single, fully measurable view of the fleet – not only a company’s private fleet, but its 3rd party suppliers as well. While managing third party logistics and supplier fleet deliveries is just as time-critical to a business as the operation of its own fleet, 3iS is the only service on the market that addresses this visibility gap.

There are a myriad of challenges for any company that manages mobile assets. Reducing turnaround times, gaining ETA/ETD real-time visibility, cutting excess mileage and managing third parties are just a few of the issues that businesses need to continually address. But an area that has hardly been explored is the collaboration and coordination with contracted third party suppliers – gaining real-time data of their fleet in order to fully realize the benefits of the fleet management process. A business can’t achieve maximum efficiency unless all the vehicles in its supply chain are being measured and optimized.

 “This is new territory and Isotrak has developed a solution that allows businesses to manage all the moving parts as a single entity,” says Alex Ognjanac, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Isotrak. “We’re at the forefront of a new breakthrough in supply chain management.”

3iS FleetVision feeds into Isotrak’s fleet management system, ATMSi, and brings additional value through:

  • Measuring plan vs. actual within ATMSi’s job management capability
  • Monitoring on-time departures, arrivals and advanced notice on true ETAs to both warehouses and vendor locations
  • Taking into account all inbound and outbound deliveries in the entire supply chain

Customers can set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to actively monitor real-time performance against the plan – in real time, by departure, arrival and ETA. When the plan goes off track, alerts are sent out, notifying transportation managers in real-time so that they can make the necessary changes and minimize disruption. 

3iS FleetVision services are provided exclusively by Isotrak and have generated a great deal of interest among North America’s largest retailers. Likewise, third party suppliers are motivated to get on board with 3iS, as it will allow them to be fully visible, accessible and measurable to their most important customers. Isotrak has in turn created The 3iS FleetVision Certified Supplier Program to streamline the convergence of a company’s private fleet and its third party supplier fleets.

Regardless of which GPS/fleet management system third party suppliers use, Isotrak’s 3iS FleetVision can seamlessly integrate with other systems, while allowing third parties to maintain complete security and privacy to their other customers. With 3iS FleetVision, businesses have an entirely new opportunity to improve their transportation business – in a way that has never been done before.

About Isotrak, Inc.

Isotrak provides best-in-class software products and professional service solutions, driven by a combination of real-time visibility and performance measurement, and interpreted from GPS satellite tracking and vehicle telematics data. Isotrak is integral in helping clients improve their customer service, reduce their environmental impact and win new business, all by using mobile assets more efficiently and effectively. As a global leader in telematics and vehicle systems integration, Isotrak helps its customers save over $150,000,000 per year. To help customers focus on the job of managing transportation rather than managing technology, Isotrak delivers its products on a proven ‘managed service’ platform, backed by a high-availability Service Level Agreement (SLA), and accessible through any web browser. Isotrak is known for its unparalleled customer support and on-going account engagement. For more information, see         

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