Insufficient Sleep Has Officially Become a Public Health Epidemic for Over 70 Million Americans

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With over 70 million Americans not sleeping, many are turning to dangerous prescription sleep aids.  One simple phone app is trying to change that with a simple solution for those suffering. 

Park City, UT- Insomnia-The dreaded word that so many Americans know too well. People who suffer from anxiety, stress, sleep apnea, or depression are among the 47% of people who suffer from some sort of insomnia according to the National Sleep Foundation.  22% of all Americans suffer from insomnia on an almost nightly basis. It’s also being reported that 2/3 of Americas children are sleep deprived, making us #1 in the world.

The natural tendency is to use some sort of hypnotic; according to the British Medical Journal report, 60 million prescriptions were made for sleeping pills in 2012, based on a study by the IMS Health Services Company. Research is now showing that over time, these sleep aids can make the body weaker and more susceptible to illness, anxiety, depression and sometimes even death.  What purpose do these pills serve? Tired Americans who are desperately seeking rest are reaching for these sleep aids and ignoring the dangers because they have yet to find another simple, safe and affordable solution.

Is there a better, more feasible solution? A new technology developed by some of the world’s top neuroscientist along with sound and sleep experts are proving this to be true with a new app for your phone called Sleep Genius.

Watch our 2 minute video on how this breakthrough technology works:

The Sleep Genius App makes available for the first time several proprietary sleep technologies including neurosensory algorithms, which were first developed after their research on chronobiology and sleep science for astronauts in the NASA space program. Astronauts are particularly susceptible to sleep problems while in orbit because of weightlessness (the inability to lie down) and noisy life support systems, but also because the sun doesn’t rise or set in space to activate internal biological clocks. Neuroscientists are aware that certain specific brainwave frequencies are associated with each of the different stages of healthy sleep. The researchers behind Sleep Genius discovered that various scientifically derived acoustic elements can actually induce and sustain proper sleep patterns by leveraging the one sensory input that is fully available to the brain even during sleep: hearing.

 Sleep Genius is the world’s most scientifically advanced sleep app and is currently available to the public in the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

 If you are one of those insomniacs who have a hard time getting to sleep, or perhaps someone who wakes up frequently at night and has trouble getting back to sleep, consider a less addictive or harmful solution, try reaching for your iPhone and put decades of research to work for you with Sleep genius.

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