Indian Overseas Congress, 132 NRI.Orgs Condemn Pakistan, write to President Obama

in Press Releases

San Francisco: Sukhbir Dhillon. As India cremated brutally murdered Indian Inmate Sarabjit Singh in Gujranwala,Jail Lahore Pakistan ,in Bhikhiwind, Amritsar, Indian Overseas Congress, obtained a petition from 132 Non Resident Indian organizations  in U.S.A. and Canada, to be forwarded to President Obama, on the issue of Human Rights, under Geneva Convention and Prisoner’s Fundamental Rights of Safety, under which President Obama, ordered the closure of Gutanama Bay.

IOC, has also written to Amnesty International to declare Pakistan as a Rogue Nation and present a Report on its findings in United Nations.

NRI’s of Canada headed by Jaswinder Singh, called for Indo-Canadians to Stop all Funding for Pakistan relief Efforts, which had witnessed donations for over $ 3 Million USD, in the last 3 Years.

National NRI-USA, President Sunil Sharma, asked India’s Ambassador Ms. Nirupama Rao, to take up the matter with Amnesty International.

George Thomas of Tamil USA, called for a Boycott of People of Pakistan in USA and Canada. “Lets Boycott their dinners and social functions” said Sunidhi Chopra of IAF.

Indian Overseas Congress, General Secretary, Dr. Rajesh Goyal, called on Rahul Gandhi, to present a report on the Sarabjit Singh tragedy in United Nations, whereas IOC, President Vikram Bajwa, in a condolence message to Sister Daljit Kaur, Sarabjit’s wife and Two Daughters, called on NRI’s to assist the Family and directly send them Financial help.

Pakistan has shown utter disrespect for Human life said” Major Sarwan Singh ( Retd)”, of Chicago.

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