Indian Diplomats Arrest in US, NRI’s calls for CBI Investigation

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New York. US Attorney NRI Preetinder Singh Bharara, who called for the arrest of Acting Consul General Ms. Devyani Khobragade, is hailed by majority of the NRI Organizations, in USA and Canada, to bring justice to victims, at the hands of “Blatant abuse of power”, of Indian Diplomats in USA and Canada. Recently Former Consul General of India, Vancouver Sh. Ashok Das, was reprimanded on similar charges by the Minister of External Affairs, India, when his maid provided proof of him paying a bribe to obtain Visa for Canada.

Indian National Overseas Congress,New York, Executive led byPresident Shudh Singh, met Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, to apprise him of the rampant corruption in CGI Offices in USA, especially in New York, with assurances from Sh. Salman Khurshid, to depute a “special cell in CBI”, to investigate Indian Diplomats in USA, UK and Canada, where many NRI Organizations have leveled serious charges of Corruption againstHeads and Staff of Indian Missions. Members of GOPIO, NFIA, APPIO, Canada India Foundation, have made representations on the functioning of CGI Offices, much to their dissatisfaction and the NRI communitie’s luke warm response to annual “Parvasi Day”, held by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.

Aam Admi Party , members in USA and Canada, brought the matter to the attention of Anna Hazare, during his trip to New York in August, who suggested to hold “Peaceful demonstrations”, in Washington DC  and Ottawa, involve the local authorities, to make corrections, since there is no Investigative authority, where the NRI’s could complain. GOPIO members Shivinder Singh were threatened with dire consequences, if they brought any issue against San Francisco CGI. Mr. Nagesh Parthasarathi, on corruption and other charges. Acting Ambassador Mr. Tejinder Sandhu, promised NRI’s in Yuba City, to look into the complaints against CGI San Francisco, but no avail, putting the ball into new Ambassador Mr. Jaishankar’s court, who is set to join later this week.

Overseas Friends of BJP, General Secretary Mr. Mohan Goyal, has sent a letter to BJP-PM Candidate to make this corruption a Political issue, in the Lok Sabha 2014 Elections, in India. Indian Overseas Congress President Vikram Bajwa attributed Aam Admi Party, win in New Delhi, state elections as a direct outfall of NRI Community, response towards their unhappiness with the Consul General’s Offices, in San Francisco, Houston, New York, and Vancouver.” Majority of the Fund Raising obtained by Aam Admi Party, by NRI’s, was the Vote against Indian Diplomats, here in USA and Canada”, said Bajwa. Aam Admi Party member Sushil Yadav, had words of praise for US Attorney Preetinder Bharara, to cleanse the Indian Diplomats and their abuses of power, a shameful act for all NRI’s. GOPIO Members suggested Minister of External Affairs Salman Khurshid should “Recall Devyanai Khobragade”, to get to the bottom of this case and honor the US-India relations, ” Devyani abused US Immigration Laws:, said Shivinder Singh of GOPIO.

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