Ice Mansion Announces the Solution to the Dilemma of the Disappearing Ice

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Ice Mansion introduces the Triple Ice Sphere Mold for easy creation of large, spherical ice balls.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/17/2014) – Until fairly recently, the only way to cool a warm drink, and to keep it cold, was to add conventional ice cubes.  While this did solve the initial warm drink problem, it caused another issue: a drink which rapidly became watered down.

Conventional ice cubes have a large surface area in relation to their size which causes any drink they are placed in to become diluted in a fairly short time. Drink enthusiasts were justifiably delighted when the spherical ice ball maker was introduced.  Here was a way to create two and a half inch ice spheres which would last for hours in a drink.  

Unfortunately, the early versions of those ice ball makers were outrageously expensive and were found in only the most exclusive of whiskey bars.  For home use, they were only suitable for those with deep pockets.

Made of heavy gauge metal, those ice presses were great for providing entertainment while they transformed a hunk of ice into the ice balls suitable for a drink.

Gillian Lyle, marketing director for Ice Mansion, was delighted when she discovered the solution to the high cost of those early models.  “We have found that using a food grade silicone mold to create ice balls is far more cost effective than the large metal forms.  Our extensive testing proves that anyone can make ice spheres in just a few hours in their freezer at home, at a fraction of the cost of those older models.”

While primarily known as an elegant addition to a glass of whiskey, ice balls can be added to any drink. And, because they are made with simple tap water, a variety of fruits and vegetables can be included with the water to create visual interest to those drinks.

The Triple Ice Sphere Mold, by Ice Mansion, is made of FDA approved food grade silicone and currently sells for less than $20.  The robust mold, with its easy to fill caps, produces three perfect ice balls at one time.  It fits securely in the freezer, with the ice spheres ready for your drink in about five hours.

About Ice Mansion

True to its name, Ice Mansion is a company concerned with the creation of elegant ways to enhance entertaining at home, primarily through iced drinks.  It is our goal to continue to innovate in the kitchen utensil category.  Our current flagship product is the new Triple Ice Sphere Mold.

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