Hypoxi Trained Cyclist Gerald Bauer Off To A Great Start In Race Across America

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PRESS RELEASE (06/13/2013) – Cyclist Gerald Bauer benefiting from Charlotte based Hypoxi equipment and therapy has already put more than 750 miles on the road as the cyclists left Oceanside California on Tuesday noon. These cyclists race 20 to 22 hours per day and sleep only two hours as they head towards Annapolis Maryland. The Hypoxi equipment provided by Hypoxi of Charlotte NC will help Gerald to recoup and regenerate faster .The Hypoxi method provides Gerald with light physical exercise and at the same time applying a compression and vacuum (cupping) therapy on parts of his body. This same method is being used and further developed for the past 2 years by the Russian Olympic Team for diagnostic, performance enhancement and therapeutic purposes of their athletes. 

Gerald is competing with cyclists from the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and other countries.  Last year the winning cyclist from Switzerland made the journey in about 8 days and 6 hours. Time is counted even as the cyclists sleep so they keep sleep to a minimal. The Race typically lasts between 8 and 12 days total as cyclists trek the 3000 miles across the United States. Gerald Bauer’s trainer from Austria will be in Charlotte NC after the race with comment on Gerald’s performance.

German born Edwin Grempels is the owner of the Charlotte NC and America’s first Hypoxi franchise. He was first exposed to the Hypoxi process on a German TV channel and was fascinated by its potential in the US market. After doing 2 months of only Hypoxi training, Edwin went from a size 42 waist to size 38. It completely changed his lifestyle and he feels the healthiest he has been in his life. This encouraged Edwin to bring this technology to Charlotte and to start developing the North American market. Edwin provided cyclist Gerald Bauer this specialized Hypoxi equipment and a training truck that follows Gerald along the route.

The HYPOXI Method was developed in the late 90’s by Scientist Dr. Norbert Egger. This method effectively targets fat loss in a quick, safe and easy way. HYPOXI is a risk free, holistic and natural alternative to lipo-suction and lipo laser. Due to the application of pressure and vacuum, Hypoxi can increase blood circulation and activate the lymph system, which is meant to target weight loss. Customers with lipedema and lymphedema have experienced significant improvements and athletes such as cyclist Gerald Bauer get that performance kick they need without the use of supplements.


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Edwin Grempels
Tel: (704) 944-3250
Email: e.grempels@hypoxi.com

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