Hyperice Announces Partnership With Dr. Mike Clark, Founder and CEO of Fusionetics

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Industry Visionary Will Spearhead Medical Advisory Board For The Injury Prevention and Recovery Company

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Irvine, CA (3/25/2014)—Hyperice announced today that Dr. Mike Clark, Founder and CEO of Fusionetics and global leader in the athletic performance and sports medicine industry, joins the company as the chairman of their newly formed Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Clark is a world-renowned expert in human movement science and brings to Hyperice his innovation and leadership in human performance optimization and rehabilitation. 

The strategic partnership between Hyperice—a company committed to developing world-class products for injury prevention and recovery—and Dr. Mike Clark, will integrate sports science, clinical application and cutting edge technology in the testing and development of all Hyperice products. This will facilitate and further advance empirical data, to ensure Hyperice product lines deliver effective solutions in decreasing injury, optimizing performance and enhancing recovery.

“After advising Hyperice over the last year, I’m excited to officially partner with them and collaborate on all future products,” said Dr. Clark. “They’ve developed some of the highest quality, cutting edge technology in the injury prevention and recovery space that fit perfectly into the platform we’ve created at Fusionetics. I look forward to working with them and continuing to develop world-class products”

Under Dr. Clark’s direction and expertise—in conjunction with his Human Performance Solution team at Fusionetics—Hyperice is set to launch a series of new and innovative products following their signature ice compression device line starting this summer.

“In my opinion, Dr. Clark’s expertise in the field of sports medicine is unmatched and we are honored to have him join the Hyperice team,” said Hyperice founder Anthony Katz. “Dr. Clark will spearhead and assemble our Scientific Advisory Board and his team at Fusionetics will be conducting the scientific testing on all current and future Hyperice products—several of which will be collaborative projects. At Hyperice, our mission is to develop world class products that are rooted in empirical scientific evidence and Dr. Clark will be instrumental in helping us achieve that mission.”

About Hyperice Inc.:

Hyperice is a recovery technology company specializing in portable high performance sports medicine and orthopedic devices that provide preventative treatment, accelerate injury recovery, and enhance muscle and joint performance. The company’s signature product is a two-part ice compression system composed of an ultra thin ice cell featuring patented air release technology and a specially designed compression wrap for each of the body’s major muscles and joints.  The innovative two-part system acts together to harness the power of real ice, which optimizes cold compression therapy and enhances the body’s natural recovery mechanisms. Hyperice’s groundbreaking technology is setting the standard for active recovery systems and can be found on several of the world’s elite athletes, in professional and collegiate training rooms and in rehabilitation facilities.

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