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NEW YORK (September 9, 2013) – Edamam released a new version of its popular recipe search app for Apple and Android devices. In addition to finding the best recipes from across the web and filtering them for a particular diet, the app fans can now save recipes in a virtual recipe box in the cloud. Combined with the website, this new functionality allows user to access their recipes from virtually anywhere and from any device.

“A busy mom can now find and save recipes for the week on her desktop, shop for them on her mobile device in the grocery store and cook them using her tablet at home,” commented Victor Penev, Edamam’s CEO.

Edamam’s goal is to organize the world’s food knowledge and the new virtual recipe box feature brings the company a step closer by allowing it to personalize food and health choices for any individual. Based on saved recipes and stated preferences, Edamam plans to start making meaningful recommendations, which fit a person’s food likes and diet concerns.

“Our vision is to bring health and happiness into people’s lives by rebuilding the intimate relationship with the food we cook and eat every day. Technology is just our tool to get there,“ added Victor Penev.

To achieve its ambitious goal, Edamam is applying cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to the ancient field of food and cooking. Its efforts so far have allowed the company to create on the go full nutritional profile for any recipe on the web and thus help people make faster and better choices for the meals they cook.

The new app is available both on iTunes at and on Google Play at

About Edamam

Launched in 2012, Edamam is leading the way in applying semantic technology to food content and building applications to help consumers make smarter food choices.  Edamam’s best-in-class recipe finder is available both as a mobile app and a website.  It is the top choice for finding what to cook for many consumers.  In addition, Edamam powers nutrition for companies such as The Daily Meal and Whole Foods.  The company’s goal is to organize and democratize food knowledge to help people eat better.

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