Houston-based Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC has updated information regarding the Ragle #7 Joint Venture.

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Ragle #7 JV UPDATE

 ***UPDATE***- July 8th, 2013

Houston-based Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC has updated information regarding the Ragle #7 Joint Venture.  Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC has announced the tank batteries, separator, flow lines, tubing and required rods, have all been installed and inspected for the Ragle #7 Joint Venture well.  The pumping unit has been set and installed as of the first week of July 2013 and commercial volumes of oil and natural gas are anticipated to begin production in the coming weeks.

***UPDATE***- MAY 10th, 2013

G&F Oil, Inc. perforated and acidized the lowest zone in the Ragle #7 well on May 8th, 2013. After acidizing and swabbing back the acid job, the well kicked off after 4 swabs with good gas production and a slight oil cut.  The well was then shut-in for the night. This morning, G&F Oil, Inc. opened up the Ragle #7 well and it began naturally flowing good gas and with good oil shows.  A fractural stimulation is scheduled for later next week.

“This is the best show we have had after an acid job on any of the Marble Falls wells we have done so far.” said Gary Giles with G&F Oil, Inc.  “Needless to say, we are very thrilled with this news.” said David Lewis of Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC.


PALO PINTO COUNTY, Texas, April 23, 2013  — Adroit Oil & Gas, LLC has announced the successful drilling of the Ragle #7 well in Palo Pinto County, Texas. The 5,000′ +/- vertical well encountered multiple zones in the Ellenberger, Upper Barnett, Marble Falls, Conglomerate, Lower and Upper Strawn, bottom to top respectively. Log analysis revealed probable commercial pay in several of these zones, primarily in, the Lower Marble Falls.

The well is presently being completed in the Lower Marble Falls zone with anticipated production of natural gas, condensates and petroleum liquids. Additionally, Adroit Oil & Gas has signed contracts with G & F Oil, Inc. to drill several wells in the general area and will begin by the deepening of the Carter #4 within the next few weeks, followed by the Carter “A” new drilling location beginning in June 2013.

Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC is an oil and gas exploration, development and production company focusing on operations in Texas and numerous areas throughout the U.S. In 2012, Adroit entered the sponsored drilling program industry and, over the year, undertook 5 small drilling partnerships. With their achievements seen in 2012, their client base has grown exponentially in 2013 and currently, Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC., is finalizing their 6th Joint Venture for 2013, The Bird Joint Venture, located in Palo Pinto County, Texas. Adroit’s personnel are experienced in oil and gas exploration and production in many parts of the U.S. and as new areas become available, Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC strives to stay ahead of the curve.

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