Helpline in Hobe Sound Aids in Substance Abuse Recovery

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LIGHTNING RELEASES 02-21-14 – When a teenager falls victim to a drug or alcohol addiction, it affects the entire family. One of the biggest problems facing families in Hobe Sound, FL is teenage substance abuse. Countless young people live with the daily nightmare of a chemical dependency on a daily basis. Until recently, very little information was available for those who need assistance. Fortunately, a new helpline can provide a valuable tool for young people seeking to overcome the addiction.

Teens and their parents can access the helpline by dialing (772) 675-1862. Certified addiction professionals are available at all hours to provide information on treatment options found at various drug and alcohol rehab centers. Parents learn about which rehab facilities can provide the best care for their child. A corresponding website, , provides more comprehensive and detailed information.

The more parents and their teens learn about addiction recovery, the better their chances of enrolling into the right rehab program and eventually achieving sobriety.  Many teenage rehab centers currently implement a variety of treatment options including drug detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and mandatory education programs. Teens who complete rehab not only have a greater chance of living healthy, productive lives, they’re also more likely fulfill their potential as well-rounded individuals.

About the helpline:

Teenage drug and alcohol addiction has been a serious problem in Hobe Sound, FL for a long time.  By calling the helpline at (772) 675-1862, teen addicts and their parents can learn where to get proper treatment for their chemical dependency.  More detailed and comprehensive information about rehab facilities and treatment programs can be found on the helpline’s website at

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