HaloPure® Purification Cartridge in the AWG International Model 2500

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LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/30/2014) – AWG International Water Corporation (“AWG International”) (OTCBB: AWGI) announces the inclusion of the HaloPure® cartridge from HaloSource Inc. in the Model 2500 residential atmospheric water generator.

“At AWG International, the safety and taste of the water generated by our machines are always of paramount importance.  Standardizing on the HaloPure cartridge from our strategic supplier, HaloSource, is part of our continual effort to raise the bar on water safety and taste,” said Jeff Stockdale, Chief Operating Officer and President of AWG International.  “Our testing has confirmed the HaloPure cartridge provides better bacteria control than fragile and expensive UV lights.”

Martin Coles, President and Chief Executive Officer of HaloSource, agreed.  “We are pleased to provide AWG International with our U.S. EPA registered, WQA Gold Seal and NSF independently verified HaloPure cartridge.”  “It is rewarding,” he continued, “to be part of providing people around the world with such a convenient alternative for safe and great tasting water!”

The AWG International Model 2500 atmospheric water generator, one of several generators in AWG International’s current and pending product portfolio, offers some of the purest and best tasting drinking water available. Other pending water generators include the WaterPro 100 and the WaterPro 400 from the Commercial and Industrial product line that supply approximately 100 gallons (380 liters) and 400 gallons (1,520 liters) of drinking water daily, respectively. All of AWG International’s atmospheric water generators use U.S. EPA registered, proprietary filtering and germ killing technology to create clean, safe, drinking water from the air.

To learn more about the Model 2500 or any of AWG International’s water generation solutions, please visit: http://www.awginternational.com

About HaloSource

HaloSource, Inc. is a global clean water technology company that develops proven and effective technologies to disinfect and purify the water we drink, play in, clean with and put back into our environment. Headquartered in Bothell, Washington, our passion is to make the world a better place through water, the most essential element for human life.



Alexandra Steele + 1 425 974 1983


About AWG International

AWG International Water Corporation (“AWG International”) (OTCBB: AWGI) is a global leader in atmospheric water generation products and technology that provides drinking water solutions to customers worldwide.  AWG International is headquartered in Spokane, WA.



Gordon Myers  +1 888-757-3294 ext. 109


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