Good News 77 Million Gets Lawmakers to Talk Budget. Bad News: Budget Unlikely Until After 2016 Presidential Election

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PRESS RELEASE (4/4/2013) – 77 Million Fund has exerted pressure, leaning heavily on lawmakers, whom have at long last begun to talk budget for America. Although current law (31 U.S.C., §1105(a)) requires the U.S. President submit a budget no earlier than the first Monday in January, and no later than the first Monday in February, the law has not been complied with since 2009.

The current administration has no interest in creating a financial plan for the United States. This should come as no surprise, because The House of Representatives continues to provide whatever funds the Administration requires, in effect giving the Administration a blank check. The Administration therefore, has funds to continue operations. Thus a budget is not necessary, and the Administration has the means to continue to spend without any fiscal planning.

A marked unwillingness to reduce spending is keynote in the current administration, which of course is to be expected because Congress provides all the funds the Administration needs when requested.
Marked also, is the mindset of the of the current Administration: Increase taxes, and continue to spend, without any focus on economizing.
Basic it is however, in an emergency situation, such as the one facing the economy of the United States as a Nation, to promote its goods, services, exports, and businesses, and in addition, to economize must form a secondary step; moreover, changes must be implemented in the manner in which America conducts its administrative functions. Those actions being done then, requires the United States Government to deliver in the aforementioned areas, and strict fiscal discipline observed to continue a path towards National prosperity.
Unlikely however, is any implementation of the above steps to place our country on a path to financial stability, given the mindset of the present administration. Consequently, fiscal improvement won’t occur until a new President and Senate are elected in 2016.
About the Chairman of 77 Million Fund:

Manny Segarra is a Financial Advisor, Consultant, Businessman, and Author of Best Selling Novel, ‘The President’s General, 505 A crude affair.’ Manny attributes his success to direct, and, indirect mentors Mark O. Haroldsen, Bruce Kovner, his uncle, William Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize winner and ‘Genius Award’ recipient, and Donald J. Trump, whose ideas and business acumen helped Manny put it all together. In addition, Manny participates in the financial markets, and continuously studies a wide variety of subjects.

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