G-CON Manufacturing Launches Green PODs a Revolutionary Controlled Plant Growth Environment

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College Station, TX, April 17, 2013 – G-CON, an industry leader in modular built facilities for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, has partnered with Hort Americas, a leading supplier of horticultural goods and services, to introduce its latest groundbreaking innovation, Green PODs. Green PODs represent a cost efficient and flexible alternative to traditional growth chambers and research greenhouses for a wide variety of applications, including: plant growth research, small scale plant production, vertical farm trials, tissue culture production, and proof of concept projects.

Green PODs are completely self-contained, meaning that even conventional warehouse construction or “grey space” can provide the support and environmental conditions necessary for operation. Modules are constructed from a welded aluminum frame providing tremendous structural integrity and a long service life. Each unit is multi-tiered, easily transportable and customizable to meet specific needs. Green PODs utilize HVAC systems to provide environmental parameters, which are designed to the clients’ specifications, within a uniform performance range.

“Supplementary to the recent launch of our standard POD offerings for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and cell therapy market, we are happy to introduce the new Green POD portfolio to support the horticulture segment,” explained Maik Jornitz, COO of G-CON Manufacturing. “The Green POD derived from our own research and development efforts within our plant expression research and has proven to meet the demands accompanying that critical growth area. The design not only offers uniform performance and segregation possibilities, but swift and mobile deployment.”

“Hort Americas is very excited to officially see the launch this project that has been a couple of years in the making” said Chris Higgins, General Manager of Hort Americas, LLC.  “What has always excited us most is the flexibility provided by the Green PODs.  They have allowed us the ability to trial a wide variety of innovative ideas and products designed and engineered for the commercial horticulture industry.” 

About G-CON
G-CON, inventors of the G-CON POD™ solution for biomanufacturing, has established itself as a leader in the modular cleanroom space. In response to the needs of its related company, Caliber Biotherapeutics, a POD customer and owner of the world’s largest plant made pharmaceutical facility in the world, G-CON applied its modular expertise to plant growth and created the Green POD. Such sparked a demand from many who saw the Green PODs in operation, causing G-CON to begin offering the Green PODs for sale to third parties through Hort Americas, a leading multi-national horticultural supplier. For more information, please visit both Company’s websites at www.gconbio.com and www.hortamericas.com



Maik W. Jornitz

Chief Operating Officer

G-CON Manufacturing, LLC

E-mail: mjornitz@gconbio.com

Cell: 516.356.6869


Chris Higgins

General Manager, Hort Americas, LLC

Email: infohortamericas@gmail.com

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