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LIGHTNING RELEASES: Newport Beach, Calif. (9/11/2014) – After having his most successful season to date, Santa Geoff is back at it again, now auditioning for brands like Ford Motor Company and Kmart to Keurig, Geoff Umpleby has been a staple of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach as favorite bartender of locals and visitors alike. After experiencing layoffs and unemployment during the economic downturn, Geoff Umpleby found a unique way to survive by using his good looks to make a living.  A strapping young man? Not exactly, he looks more like Santa Claus than anyone else.  So much so that nearly everyone he met told him, “Hey man, you should really think about becoming Santa Claus!”  That is exactly what he did.  He started off by hosting holiday events for friends and family and worked his way up to photo shoots in the off-season and charity events too.  He even does pet portraits with Santa.

Three years later, Santa Geoff has been on numerous auditions and callbacks, as well as his full holiday season of home visits and corporate events and a few charity fundraisers, yet the Los Angeles bookings still eluded him… until last month. Finally after his busiest Holiday season to date with many months of traveling to Hollywood and a year of auditions under his belt it was time for Santa Geoff to step up game and take an acting class. “I learned in my acting class that it is imperative to be “In Character” before I even step into the audition room” said Santa Geoff. “That makes it easier to adlib script changes and instead of trying to act on the spot, becoming Santa is second nature. It is paramount to be friendly to have fun with the auditions whether I get the job or not” he added. Geoff Umpleby has become an overnight success after 57 years.

“I’ve really come to love my new career as Santa Claus, and now I have Hollywood in my sights” says Santa Geoff.  “It gives me an opportunity to make others happy and dress up as one of the happiest icons out there,” he added. My beard is the best part of the costume because it’s all mine.

Not only is Santa Geoff accredited by the Professional Santa School, Santa Geoff has undergone a full-background check so that his customers can feel confident in his skill. This year Geoff is looking forward to booking great parties for both kids and adults and is launching a new humorous holiday greeting card line. Santa Geoff is excited to bring the spirit of the holiday season to his customers and clients. “After learning the tricks of the trade, I am ready to believe in Santa… again.

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