FIICB contracts Paysoft International, Inc. for International Estate Funds Transfer

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LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/19/2015) – FIICB,  First Independent International Central Bank, a Chartered Bank registered in Aotearoa, New Zealand with administrative offices  in Washington, DC and California, has been named exclusive Banking Trustee by Princes Maria Fatima Avigael Montenegro Abubakar, the sole and legitimate heir and custodian of deceased father’s estate;  His Royal Majesty King Ahmad Abdullahaziz Abubakar, also known as Prince Shealtiel Julaspi Kiram aki;  Sultan Lazaro T. Mana-ay, including his vast global bank accounts enumerated by the Philippine High Courts.  The Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo also was known as: the “Late Sultan”, passed away on December, 8th, 2007.

Representing the Estate for Madam Abubakar is her attorney in fact Mr. Rodolfo Gonzalez Martinez from the Empire Group situated in the Philippines.

FIICB has entered and contract the services of Paysoft International, Inc a Miami based private Corporation with offices in Puerto Rico.  Paysoft International Inc. specializes in process eCheck21 Federal Reserve Instruments for the B2B market place as well as for the B2C.  FIICB sees Paysoft being instrumental in assisting the transfers of monies using the Paysoft System:  ‘International Authorized Debit Instruments’.  This method of transferring money is used in substitution to wire transfers which in today’s market place is easier and more convenient.  As Mr. Eri Guzman, indicates, President of Paysoft International, Inc., the security of this method of transfer is very high since both the depositing bank and receiving bank obtain prior notification of the financial transaction days before it occurs, allowing ample time for OFAC and Patriot Acts to be executed by the time monies are disbursed.

Recurring transactions are much faster and easier since the RDFI (Customer Bank) already has in place the Debit Authorization on file by the account owner.  FIICB has committed over$1 Billion dollars in transactions for the coming year- 2015.

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