Fifth Third Bank Partners With Bravo Star Ben Tankard To Help Kids Fly.

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LIGHTNING RELEASES (Nashville, TN) 03/18/2014 – In celebration of Black History Month, members of Fifth Third Bank’s African American Business Resource Group hosted a Coffee and Conversation employee engagement event, on Feb. 25.  Keynote speaker for the event was Ben Tankard, a former professional basketball player, Grammy nominated gospel jazz musician, and NBA motivational speaker featured in NBC-Bravo TV’s hit reality series ” Thicker Than Water “.

   Tankard stated in his speech that he wants to use his talents, fame and success to build his community and give back.  He and his wife are volunteer non-salary senior Pastors of Destiny Center Church of Murfreesboro,TN and teach biblical principles of success each week.  In addition, Tankard who is a private pilot and aircraft owner is sponsoring an Urban Eagles youth summit this year at the Tankard airport hangers to give children a ” first look ” at aviation.  Tankard says, “I have friends that are stunt pilots, airplane mechanics, flight attendants, charter plane operators, and airline captains that will be on hand to talk with the children about the many opportunities available in aviation. We want to help kids soar and perhaps exposing them to our planes and relationships will help them develop their own wings (dreams). We are so very thankful to Fifth Third Bank for sowing into these wonderful future aviators “. 

Fifth Third Bank made a donation toward the Tankard Ministries/Destiny Center sponsored forthcoming Urban Eagles event and members of the bank’s senior team were on hand to make the presentation and thank Tankard for his powerful motivational speech which had an aviation theme based on the four laws of flight : 1) LIFT  2) THRUST  3) WEIGHT 4) DRAG.  

Tankard said, ” these four laws of flight also apply to the workplace, relationships, and real life.  Any thing or any person in your life will fall in one of these four categories, and knowing which one is needed at any given time is a process that we all are constantly working through.”

Maybe we will get to see Urban Eagles Youth Summit highlights on season 2 of “Thicker Than Water”.   Tankard is on his Full Tank Music tour, and will release a new CD, book, and clothing line this year.

Pictured from left, Luis Parodi, Fifth Third Bank, Tennessee president and CEO Don Abel, Shanna Johnson, Jerious Oliver and Diane McAfee with Jewel and Ben Tankard.


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