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LIGHTNING RELEASES (9/24/2014) – A group of former college and university presidents, provosts and CEOs claim to have solved a problem that frustrates thousands of prospective college enrollees.  “Far too much marketing information and purported rankings confuse rather than help those trying to choose a college, especially one with reasonable costs,” said Joseph Schmoke, founder of University Research & Review and a former university CEO.  He said three years of research and a substantial investment in technology paid off with the development of his organization’s advisory services, free to the public and now available online.

“If only this was available to me when I was enrolling in college and selecting a field of study,” said Paula Orezi, a company relationship manager.  “This would have helped me select the right school and prevented me from switching fields of study and colleges while piling up student debt,” she commented.

This new online service was modeled on fee-based professional college advisory services that provide guidance to prospective enrollees on an individual basis. Addressing a mass market rather than well-to-do parents, University Research & Review takes criteria submitted by an individual such as cost, location, online or classroom, fixed schedule or self-paced study.  An individual’s criteria are matched to data on almost 8,000 colleges and, with hands-on participation by a company advisor, result in recommendations appropriate to each individual.

“Some think our website design is a bit stodgy but most appreciate that we don’t allow advertising on our site.  And once a site visitor clicks on About Us they accept we are eminently qualified to offer advice and guidance in selecting a college,” said company vice president Kurt Sagovac.  “We offer a free personality profile test to help determine the most appropriate fields of study for a particular individual. The 71-question test is a bit tedious, we know, but its accuracy is proven and it is free on our site but expensive if taken independently,” Sagovac noted.

University Research & Review’s mission is to provide free services and expert guidance so that prospective college enrollees or transfers make the best decision possible in choosing a school and field of study.  “It’s all about making better decisions,” said Schmoke.

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