Evictions Get a Technological Renovation with TurboEvict.com

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PRESS RELEASE: Elizabeth, NJ (September 10, 2013)-  There are well over 100,000 evictions filed annually in New Jersey, and nearly 85% of them are for non-payment of rent. There are many more cases that do not get filed because landlords don’t want to deal with the complicated and tedious eviction process, resulting in lost rental income. Property owners and  managers do not want to evict their tenants for the fear of the hassle – it usually is a last resort to motivate payment. Most large and mid-sized landlords invest in dedicated staff to manage evictions. Smaller landlords struggle with a vague process and expensive attorneys who take advantage of their inexperience. Regardless the size of the operation, eviction related costs are substantial.

The considerable hassle of evictions, residential and commercial alike, is the lack of communication between all parties involved, the significant management time needed to follow up and the legal fees that amass.  

The New Jersey Courts, like other Courts nationwide, are slowly embracing technology and now accepting certain filings directly online.  Evictions aren’t processed on the NJ courts system online yet; and are a prime example of the extremely manual process that is in dire need of a technological make over.

It was evident to a  New Jersey based property management company that there was a desperate need for an online software solution. They exhausted all traditional eviction services including the use of law firms and in-house attorneys. Eventually they decided to embark on a project to leverage technology to alleviate the pain of eviction management. They worked with industry professionals including landlords, attorneys, paralegals and property managers to develop a fully automated solution for eviction management called TurboEvict. TurboEvict.com is an online software as a service, Saas, that automates the eviction process so no eviction is forgotten. TurboEvict has an online dashboard to view eviction updates at a glance as well as a full case dossier with all the details related to the eviction including Court information, documents and a history of the case.

In order to create a complete and top notch eviction management service, TurboEvict has an exclusive relationship with the Law Firm of Nazor, Cengarle and Decarlo who are dedicated to TurboEvict customers. Their firm has a team of attorneys on standby available to answer any questions. Using TurboEvict will reduce management time and personnel costs to boost the property profitability. It allows  property owners and managers to focus on their core business.

One of TurboEvict’s first customers is  New Jersey property owner and manager, Paramount Assets. They came to TurboEvict on a trial to see how the system would integrate with their current operations.  Prior to using TurboEvict, their biggest complaints were they were clueless about the status of evictions and therefore were forced to hire 2 people to manage their monthly eviction filings. Since they fully integrated TurboEvict within their organization, Paramount Assets freed up 1 employee from eviction management and lowered thier overall costs related to evictions. They are able to easily reconcile each property’s eviction costs because TurboEvict charges 1 fee per eviction. And the most exciting benefit to them was the ability to log onto the TurboEvict system and quickly find out the status of each and every eviction.

TurboEvict.com helps landlords and property managers leverage technology to clarify and streamline the tedious eviction process. By taking the New Jersey eviction rules, laws and processes into consideration during development, TurboEvict is able to service customers using technology and automation. Property owners and managers can now evict knowledgeably with more automation and less management.   

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