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LIGHTNING RELEASES: Plainview, NY (12/6/2013) –  PureSafe™ Water Systems, manufacturer of the Patented “EMERGENCY WATER FIRST RESPONSE UNIT”, a high-volume mobile water purification system, is announcing its national rollout and nationwide availability.The State of Alaska, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, which is responsible for that state’s Emergency Response to disasters and emergencies, purchased the mobile “EMERGENCY WATER FIRST RESPONSE UNIT” from PureSafe™ Water Systems, to serve a critical role in that state’s emergency response system.   

At the recently held National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) Leadership Forum in Alaska, other states, municipalities and federal entities, showed considerable interest in the water system, as a critical component in response to emergencies and disasters.  PureSafe™ ’s self-contained, self-powered mobile units are designed for rapid deployment to emergency disaster settings, as well as applications requiring potable water, such as flooded town and disabled public water supplies, desalination of seawater and brackish water plus contaminated surface and fresh water with high bacteria or water-borne diseases. 

The unique and patented multiple filtration technologies in one system allow for the flexibility to go from one contaminated source to another.  Leslie Kessler, CEO, states “This versatility is what allows its utilization as an Emergency Response Unit, because you just never know what you are going to face in an emergency.”

The “EMERGENCY WATER FIRST RESPONSE UNIT” Water System is capable of  producing up to 30,000 gallons of EPA quality drinking water per day, providing three (3) different methods of water dispensing, from bulk storage to container filling with our special ozonized water disinfection station, to producing up to half-liter sealed baggies for personal use distribution.

With product improvements and completion of our intensive engineering initiative, PureSafe™ Water Systems can now deliver our “EMERGENCY WATER FIRST RESPONSE UNIT” Water Systems in quantities to governments, municipalities, first responder groups, commercial entities, and not-for-profit foundations that seek to address the critical need for fresh water worldwide. “We’re excited by the level of interest in our PureSafe™ Water Systems ‘EMERGENCY WATER FIRST RESPONSE UNIT’, from local, governmental and humanitarian agencies worldwide, see the critical need to save lives and manage the environment.  Our commitment to produce the highest quality, most versatile and most affordable water filtration system available has never been stronger,” said Kessler.

For more information, contact PureSafe™ Water Systems Sales at (508) 509-8412

or lesb@puresafesales.com.

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