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7000 world-wide users celebrate 20 years of EccoPro the famous Information Manager released May 17, 1993

Beaufort, South Carolina, April 30, 2013

EccoPro introduced 1993 defies all categorization. It is not only an Information Manager, it is a note taking program, a project manager, an outliner and you might call it also an organizer. The truth is EccoPro is all of those things and more. EccoPro is so customizable that each user can tailor it to fit the way they work. You can change almost everything and have your information displayed any way you want.

CompuSol – Creative Services recently released the EccoProX Installer for XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Compared to the last original EccoPro Standard Version of 1997 this version is a vast improved release which includes Slang’s free Ecco Extension. The Extension solves many of the original program problems and will provide nearly unlimited options to customize EccoPro for the most efficient use.

On top of that, the new updated “one-click” automated Installer will allow EccoPro to launch location and weather maps to your contacts business and home addresses. Additionally, it will add Microsoft Help program updates necessary for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and includes a free EccoPro template by Wil Ussery called “Control.ect” based on the book “Master Your Workday Now!”

Prof. Dr. Bhushan M. Kapur, Toronto, Canada wrote: “It is by far the best PIM that I know of … I do regularly check to see if there is some other PIM out there that can match EccoPro’s capabilities. There isn’t any that I know off. The developers of Ecco were geniuses and way ahead of their time. I raise my hat to the individual(s) who created the 32 and 64 bit installers. These are Life savers.” Don Manino, posted on Facebook: “Still using EccoPro, even on a tablet running Windows 8! It is the best. I have tried many others, but nothing can match the capabilities of Ecco …”

After a recent successful fundraiser by the EccoPro user community, CompuSol – Creative Services is developing new EccoPro Synchronization Software for handheld devices. The second Beta version is released and according to FJSoft the Android synchronization project is to about 95% finished.

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Source: Friedhelm Dohmann

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