Denver Castle Provides Clues to the After Life

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PRESS RELEASE (17 June 2013) Denver, Colorado USA- The Castle Project is a disturbing documentary that follows Architect Brian Higgins as he renovates a haunted mansion into a boutique hotel. The Croke Patterson Campbell Mansion is located in Denver, Colorado and has a horrific history of suicides, tragedies, and paranormal activity. As Brian’s journey begins with a historic renovation, it turns into way more than he expects and as he finds himself in Florence, Italy in the middle of Dante’s Inferno and the Divine Comedy. The film will be beginning its festival circuit in September along with the world premiere.

“I’ve been on a long journey uncovering answers to the afterlife question, and I’m as close as one can get without, well, you know…” – Brian Higgins/Director

As Brian and his team tackle the intimidating task of renovating the historic mansion, the workers begin to report supernatural occurrences, from sightings of apparitions, whispering voices and peculiar odors. When members of the team start to fall ill and an unexplained fire threatens the project’s completion, Brian begins to question the true nature of the castle and the meaning behind these strange events.

For answers, Brian turns to the most famous poet and poem in history, Dante Alighieri and his Inferno. What he uncovers is unexpected and may hold the answer to the one question we all are asking.

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