David Cameron, Queen Victoria release UK records on India Mutiny 1857, US, Canadian NRI’s, Sikh Federation, IOC

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London .Preet Binning. NRI’s (Non Resident Indians) in United States, Canada and U.K., including Sikh Federations request British Prime Minister David Cameron, to release all records pertaining to “India Mutiny 1857”, to verify and confirm the excavation at “Shaheedan Wala Khu”, well of Martyrs, which recovered 90 skulls, 170 jaws, over 500 teeth and hundres of bones, said Gurudwara president Amarjit Singh Sarkaria.

After counting the number of bones of the legs and arms, theyquite sure they had recovered the remains of 282 mutineers, who belonged to the 26th Native Infantry Regiment stationed at Mian Mir near Lahore. He said that the skulls of some soldiers were intact, while others were damaged in the digging of the very hard soil. The discovery well was previously known as ” Kalianwala Khu” ( well of Black colored people).

Queen Victoria’s office, including Britains, history department in the Prime Minister’s Office has all the records, pertaining to Commonwealth countries, including Governor General’s served, enlisted Armies, which could divulge the names and location, pertaining to this historic, human rights violations, in 1857. Political scene in Delhi and London, in 1857 has many secrecies, just like World War I and World War II, when Jews took upon themselves, to find the hard truth. NRI’s in U.K., which number close to 2 Million, in United States 2.7 Million, in Canada 1.3 Million are looking upto Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron’s office to shed some light on this tragic event, so the “Martyr’s of 1857”, have a decent burial, said Indian Overseas Congress President Vikram Bajwa. Punjab Canada Foundation, Dr. Rajwant SIngh, pleads with Queen Victoria to release all records of India Mutiny in 1857.

SIkh Federation UK, who have the support of 50 Politicians of Great Britain, has been steer heading the role of British Government in operation Blue Star Investigation and NRI’s look forward to their voice of support on “India Mutiny 1857”. Bhai Amrik Singh of Sikh Federation U.K. has very serious and responsible role to play in demanding the release of these documents, said historian Surinder Kochhar, who has been actively engaged in the excavation process, in Ajnala, Distt. Amritsar India, where in 1857 then British Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar Sir Fredrick Cooper, ordered action against the troops.

The digging of the well, located inside the premises of the Gurudwara Shaheed Ganj, 30 K.M. from Amritsar, started last Friday was preceded by Sikh, Hindu and Muslim prayers. Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, including Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan SIngh, should ask for a report from Prime Minister David Cameron, urged U.C.Berkely , California historian Angela Smith.

Nearly 157 years after they were killed and pushed into a well to die, the remains of 282 Indian soldiers from the 1857 mutiny against the British were taken out in Punjab’s Ajnala town, in Amritsar.

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