Dastmalchi believes in infusing the world with positive intent!

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Born and raised amid a war-torn Iran, Dastmalchi grew up seeing a lot of heartache in his country — although he’ll be the first to tell you that he was one of the “lucky” ones.  He came from a comfortable, upper, middle-class family, and his parents were highly respected educators. Occasionally, their teaching careers enabled them to study and spend time in other countries, such the United States. Dastmalchi, of course, would go along, and it was through these experiences that he noticed how very different and less volatile life was outside Iran. So back home, as youth were preparing for revolution within his country, Dastmalchi spent his early teenage years plotting a very different path — a future that could provide safety, stability, and unlimited opportunities. By the age of 16, Dastmalchi had gotten himself smuggled out of Iran with a passport from Austria, where he worked two jobs until he could make his way to the United States a year later. Once in California, he started working — and has pretty much never stopped.

Today, Dastmalchi is a U.S. citizen, MBA college graduate, an established entrepreneur, devoted father, nonprofit volunteer, and the past and current founder of multiple high-profit companies. While he’s done everything from construction to engineering and real estate, he’s spent the bulk of his career in business and marketing, where he’s developed progressive products and designed highly innovative co-op marketing programs that have consistently struck that unique, fine balance between company profitability and customer value.

Dastmalchi believes in infusing the world with positive intent, and all the products and services provided by his various professional ventures align with that highly personal mission. Among his many career highlights is Mi Abogado, Right Dental Group, chiroXchange, and HBL centers, a number of highly effective joint-advertising programs for attorneys, dentists, chiropractors, and spas that he’s either currently running or has since successfully sold. He’s also the founder/CEO of Dastmalchi Enterprises, Inc., a forward-thinking, multi-faceted organization that currently offers extremely innovative, high-quality manufacturing, products and marketing solutions that are proven to maximize consumer savings while enabling partnering companies and resellers to profit. Whether he’s creating a free advertising program that saves patients money while connecting them to the best chiropractors nationwide or building the most high-tech, yet affordable electric toothbrush in the marketplace, Dastmalchi is making a difference for the better. He’s pioneered life-enhancing tools, too — everything from face and body exfoliators to blood pressure monitors, digital body analyzer scales, and even a suite of new app-driven products that make monitoring and tracking consumer health easier, fun and very advanced.

An innate opportunist, Dastmalchi knows how to spot marketplace needs and develop forward-thinking, sophisticated yet sustainable solutions. Clients and customers can’t resist what he proposes simply because these simple solutions cost less and make extremely good sense. Moreover, every platform he initiates comes backed by his disciplined leadership principles, proven management tools, and a customized system for metrics that drives accountability and continually achieves results. His business platforms consistently work, providing ongoing benefits for not just his clients and their consumers, but also Dastmalchi’s business partners and his award-winning staff. In a world where marketing trends and branding fads come and go, Dastmalchi taps his innate adaptability and die-hard work ethic to continually churn out reliable, lasting innovations that are ever-grounded in his greatest goal: to improve the lives of others.

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