cut-e Announces Launch of an Award for HR innovation worth 5000 Euro

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Theta, the cut-e Award for Person-Job-Fit Innovation, is an international competition to recognize outstanding innovation in the area of improved person-job-fit. Submissions can be made from any discipline, from companies, universities, start-ups or by students. The submissions will be rated by an independent jury. The selected winner is awarded a five thousand Euro prize in September. The submission phase runs from 1st April to 31st May 2013. The Theta Award is being launched by cut-e, world leader in online assessment innovation.

‘We are excited about this award and curious to see from which perhaps unexpected areas innovation ideas for improved person-job-fit originate” says Dr Achim Preuss, co-founder and MD of the cut-e Group. “Will the winner be the innovator of an app, a psychometric tool, a new use of existing knowledge… anything is possible.”

An independent jury will evaluate submissions. The jury includes experts in the field of Human resources, but also in innovation. “We are currently putting together the jury and are aiming for an ideal balance to evaluate the criteria:

  1. Innovation: has it been done before?
  2. Usability / practicability
  3. Clear added value to improving the fit between people and jobs anywhere throughout the life cycle”.

Dr Preuss explains why the award is named Theta. “In psychometrics, Theta is the person parameter in Item Response Theory. Theta represents a person’s proficiency and simultaneously stands for the greatest methodological innovation in psychometrics in the last 100 years. For this reason we thought Theta was an appropriate name for the cut-e innovation award.”

Interested innovators can submit their ideas under

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