Cognidox Releases Microsoft Office Add-in Update

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PRESS RELEASE (04/29/2013) – Cognidox has today updated their Microsoft Office® Add-in application.

The Add-in, first provided in 2012, enables CogniDox users to save their work directly from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel into the document repository. It allows them to do quick and easy document management operations on the files stored there.

The new version adds Office 2013 to the supported versions of Office (2003, 2007, and 2010); and Windows 8 to the supported versions of Microsoft Windows.

One key change is invisible to end-users – the document repository is added to the list of trusted sites so that interaction is easier and there are fewer system messages to click for confirm. In this, CogniDox acts like Microsoft SharePoint where document libraries are concerned.

There is now a time-saving feature called “Clone this document” available from the browse tab. The user can make a new document from a current one, with a new title, version and other metadata. That document is then opened in Word/Excel/PowerPoint for editing.

There are user interface changes resulting from user feedback, such as buttons to view the document’s location in the document category tree hierarchy or to open the document details CogniDox page in a web browser. There are added warnings if the user attempts to work on a document that is ‘checked out’ by another user.

Other customer requests that have been implemented include better handling of file-naming conventions and rules for replacement where reserved characters are used.

The new Add-in version is available free-of-charge to all CogniDox customers with a current membership for support and maintenance. It can be downloaded from the CogniDox support web portal from today onwards.

About Us

Cognidox Limited is a software company providing document management solutions. Our software solves two problems – product document control and easy-to-deploy web portals for customer-facing documents.

Formed in 2008 and based in Cambridge, UK, We have a global customer base mostly in the High Tech sector – see examples at

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