Cardboard Artist Ventures from Depression to a Board Game Crowdfunding Dream

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LIGHTNING RELEASES (2/24/2014) – While attempting to deal with his low self-esteem, depression and thoughts of suicide during his early 20s, aspiring artist Luanga Nuwame was able to use his creativity and inventiveness to combat his afflictions by conceiving a three dimensional board game that combined three things that brought him joy – comic books, video games and board games.  15 years to the day of its conception, Nuwame is marking the anniversary of his board game invention Superpowerful Bonanza with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Nuwame originally created his 3D board game design back in 1999 after hitting a mental breaking point.  Stresses and anger issues stemming from family, school and relationships were becoming too much for the then 22-year-old to bear and after suffering a mental breakdown, Nuwame randomly decided to begin building the board game to steer his mind away from suicidal thoughts.  After spending six months finishing the concept, the board game not only helped Nuwame deal with the anxiety and depression he was facing, but it also led him to pursue inventing as a lifelong pursuit.

“Instead of taking drugs or turning to alcohol, creativity became my anti-depressant.  For the past 15 years I continuously invented and created all types of crazy and fun concepts and even began a You Tube channel, yet I was hesitant to make a professional version of the game that practically saved my life,” said Nuwame.  “I felt the time had come to stop ignoring the greatest idea I’ve ever made and give Superpowerful Bonanza a chance to be shared with others.”

The original 1999 version of Superpowerful Bonanza (originally named Demet Marks) was crafted on his mother’s dining room table out of basic materials such as Bristol board, construction paper, cardboard, masking tape, duct tape, glue and pencil crayon.  It was designed to be a three-dimensional structure encompassing multiple levels, each with its own ‘boss’ players must defeat in order to progress throughout the game.  This type of game play was inspired by classic side-scrolling video games such as Double Dragon and Contra.  Nuwame also invented a series of superheroes and villains to populate the game as the main characters. 

On March 10th, 2014, exactly 15 years since he started creating the game, Nuwame will launch an campaign featuring a newly updated and professionally designed rendition of Superpowerful Bonanza.  The new version combines wood and cardboard with computer generated artwork.  Game cards, trading cards and a comic book are also part of the official launch.  The goal of the campaign is to raise enough funds to make the game in-house for individuals and specialty market stores.  Nuwame stated he is not interested in selling the game in the mass market to big box retailers or manufacturing in China.  He plans to make each and every edition himself.

Nuwame also wants to use his game to help share his personal story of depression, and his use of creativity to turn his life around, as an example for others to explore their own imaginations for strength, healing and guidance.

“I know what it feels like to look at yourself as hopeless, angry and lost – with disparaging thoughts at the forefront of your mind,” added Nuwame.  “Art, creativity and invention are deeply personal forms of expression that provide a release from self-torment and I want people to understand that is what this game represents.”

More information about Superpowerful Bonanza can be found at or on You Tube at  Nuwame can be reached at (647) 407-2614 or at

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