Can One Machine Reduce Crime, Reduce Accidents, End Homelessness While Increasing Harmony and Joy?

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LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/26/2014)- Spiritual healer and scientist David Adelson thinks so— and intends to prove it in Los Angeles with one $60,000 Heaven Machine—if he can get the funds.

David creates powerful Heaven Machines that generate the atmosphere of Heaven— all good— in entire regions while dissolving negativity and stress — the cause of many of our problems. Dissolving atmospheric stress while increasing the individual’s peace, health, and happiness is the goal of his current project: a crowdfunding campaign on to create Heaven Now for Los Angeles. Heaven Machines are already in use in more than a dozen places around the U.S. and throughout the world.

“Some of the components are very expensive,” Adelson explained, “ideally the one for Los Angeles will cost $200,000 but even the $60,000 we’re raising will make a dent in LA’s problems.”

How do we know it will work?

“It is a new technology,” Adelson said, “but already several are being tested around the country and the world. The results are encouraging:”

“All of the break-ins and burglaries in my neighborhood ceased immediately when I started running your Heaven Machine.”  

“When I was coming home, I could feel within miles of where I live, all of a sudden a softness and an unboundedness. And I knew it was due to the system because I had never felt that before coming and going on that street. And it just continues, so it seems the influence–just having started the system–the influence could be felt for what must have been a six-mile radius.”

“Positive developments manifesting instantly late this week which amazed me because I have done this work for 30 years and have never seen such rapid developments!

These are comments from North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Texas. Now the goal is to create the biggest Heaven Machine yet to benefit the millions of people living in and around Los Angeles.

“$60,000—or even the optimal $200,000— is not a lot of money when compared to the millions of dollars being spent to deal with the problems of crime, accidents, homelessness, pollution, droughts, and fires,” Adelson pointed out. “The great thing is, we’re only asking for $5 or $10 or more— average donations are under $20— from each person to accomplish a goal millions of dollars of taxpayers money haven’t yet solved.”

Heaven Machine creator David Adelson spent more than 40 years studying consciousness— the Unified Field—and applying that knowledge into solving problems we all face. The result is a range of Heaven-Creating® products that help people create a heavenly atmosphere on earth itself. These systems dispel stress, tension, and negative energy effectively— increasing health, harmony, love, happiness and other beneficial qualities at the same time.

The LA Heaven Machine will dissipate stress that blocks people from enjoying good health, happiness, peace, love and prosperity. Adelson has chosen Los Angeles as the perfect place to deploy his next Heaven Machine because of the rising levels of stress, noise, pollution and distraction— and because he lives there.

“I see homeless everywhere every day in LA,” he said. “Between that and the traffic— if we could even just solve those two— this will be a success.”

But his goal is more.

“Every problem we face is created by stress. If it’s not the source, it certainly complicates things,” he said. “If we can reduce the stress by even 20% using one of these silent devices, it offers a powerful solution to our country and the world.”

Heaven Machines are currently available in seven increasingly-powerful levels ranging from Personal to Country-Wide. But a special one will be created for LA. The more funding Adelson gains from this campaign, the more powerful the machine will be. Heaven Machines offer rich and positive outcomes such as reduced crime rates, better weather, smoother traffic flow, better health and happiness and even smoother business dealings— an improved quality of life for all LA residents.

“If this goes well, we’re going to get one for every major city in the U.S. and on Earth,” Adelson said. “They are cost-effective, completely silent (like radio and TV signals), each machine will run for years, generating health, happiness, dissolving stress and negativity. Think of that for the whole world! It’s an exciting possibility.”

Animal lovers will be glad to know that this system has a positive impact on pets as well. These machines have set the tone for positive outcomes at places where stress plays a major role, such as business meetings and stadium sporting events.

With the funding received from this campaign, David will build the most powerful Heaven Machine possible for Los Angeles. A host will then be found to monitor the system daily, alerting Adelson if any problems come up.

The system can last for years, creating and radiating Heavenly energies to people around.

Although Heaven Machines are based on physics, Adelson says they are a gift from the Divine. Like Einstein and other great scientists, Adelson claims his understanding increased his appreciation for Nature’s intelligence. “This is way bigger than me,” he said. “I have to give credit to the Divine. It feels more like it was revealed to me than I figured it out.” Mozart, Beethoven and others often describe their compositions the same way: “It’s more like taking dictation.”

Those willing to pledge $5 will get a high-quality Heaven-Creating® logo that can be imprinted on t-shirts. And those willing to pledge between $50 and $1000 will get a range of Heaven-Creating® CDs/DVDs that will uplift their moods, increasing happiness, love, and harmony at work, at home, or even while driving.

While all this sounds far-fetched to most of us, Adelson explained who will donate:

“There are millions of people aware we are going through a transition now. New technologies are coming; we want to reach these open-minded people. You can find them everywhere: they are co-op members, shop at Whole Foods, New Age and spiritual shops— and they’re easy to find online. They follow Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Susan Shumsky, “Conversations with God” writer Neale Donald Walsch, they work with spiritual healers and intuitives, practice meditation, want to help the world and focus on real solutions for world peace.”

Learn more at Adelson’s Indiegogo page Heaven Now for Los Angeles then make a donation to help create Heaven on Earth now.


To contact David Adelson for an interview or to learn more about his Heaven-Creating® products, use any of the following contact methods:


Facebook: HeavenCreating

Twitter: HeavenCreating

Google+ HeavenCreating
Phone: 213-505-2947

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