Breathe Freely Through New Warm massagemethod: It Loosens The Mucus In The (lung)Airway

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PRESS RELEASE: ZOETERMEER, The Netherlands (10/24/2013)- 

Soesskinsolution is excited to announce a healing massage oil for respiratory problems.

She could not find a remedy for her respiratory problems through doctors or drugstores, Soes Sagoenie discovered how important and special warmth means for the body and used her own knowledge of healing herbs and natural plant extracts to develop a massage oil that will clean people’s bronchial tubes and relieve their respiratory problems.

How is it possible?

Because of the oil in combination with warmth.

She heats the upper body with warm water (as warm as possible) and a washcloth. This enables the pores to open and the warm massage oil will be absorbed directly into the bronchial tubes. When massaging the upper body every day, a certain heat is sent through the entire body, it loosens the mucus in the (lung)airway and prevents respiratory problems. The bronchial tubes will open further until people can breathe freely day by day.

People who used her massage oil have shown remarkable recovery, sometimes within a day.

Soes Sagoenie suffers from a chronic lung disease. She was examined by several specialists, asked for second opinion and underwent surgery before her illness was diagnosed as Sarcoïdose. She felt sick and asthmatic. She could not go up and down the stairs anymore. After eleven years she chose to take matters in her own hand with success.

Soes Sagoenie: “I come from a family where homemade remedies are used daily. There I learned about the healing power of herbs and plant extracts. That is how I developed my own massage oil. I examined natural herbs and plants for a lot of years and now my massage oil has proved itself in healing my asthmatic problem and many other people with breathing problems”.

“My motivation is to help as many people as possible”.

She offers her massage oil on her website to help people with the same problems as she experienced.

More information:

Contact: Soes Sagoenie, CEO

Phone: 0031-6-19639545


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