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November 18 2013, New York, NY. Introducing “Brazil Bronze Infrared RejuvaTan”.  Be the first to try our rejuvenating tan. You will be sprayed with a warm application of a choice of our Brazil Bronze Luxury Spray Solutions: Original, Dark, Express, Hydrating, Organic.  After your tan, you will be treated to the many benefits of our “Infrared Theraputic”  spray tan drying station.   

During the cold winter months, the heat has a triple effect, feeling warm to the skin, having a therapeutic advantage and speeding up and enhancing the development of your tan. 

Brazil Bronze Infrared Benefits include:

*Better penetration and accelerated tanning. (The infrared heat from our drying station penetrates the skin for quicker development and a longer lasting tan).

*A pleasant and comfortable way to dry your tan

*Deep collagen renewal

*Treats eczema and psoriasis

*Increases blood circulation 

*Immune boosting

*Mood enhancing–helps with SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder)

*Boosts metabolism allowing for faster calorie burning

*Skin tightening. Reverses visible signs of aging. 


This is a more comfortable way to get your winter tan, and you are also multitasking  

by fitting an anti aging skin boost into your regular schedule. 

Brazil Bronze Infrared RejuvaTan: Cost $70 by appointment only.

The Brazil Bronze Infrared Spray Tan Drying Station is available for spas and salons at

Price: $599.00


About Brazil Bronze Glow Bar:  


Brazil Bronze Glow Bar founded by Sally Blenkey-Tchassov opened its doors in 2002 in Soho, New York. At this time spray tanning was virtually unknown to many people. Brazil Bronze was one of the first companies to offer spray tanning and help to make spray tanning the successful business that it is today. 

Brazil Bronze is proud to be on the cutting edge of spray tan safety. Our self tanners are the highest pharmaceutical grade, Eco-Cert Approved and approved for import to EU Countries where standards for cosmeceuticals are much more strictly regulated than in the US. Our products are 100% documented non carcinogenic. We use top of the line ventilation systems to remove excess spray tan out of the air immediately, our clients are offered Winkease eye covers and filtered nose plugs, offering the safest experience in spray tanning available. 

Watch Brazil Bronze on “The A-List NYC” Reality Show (Season 2), creating the tanning line TANSXL for A-List star Derek Saathoff.  

Sally Blenkey-Tchassov and her business partner Joy Romano currently run one of the most successful spray tan salons in the country and supply some of the most luxurious salons and spas globally. It is our mission to provide an environment of style, safety and pleasure.

Contact Sally Blenkey-Tchassov for any press inquiries and to be the first to sample the cutting edgeBrazil Bronze Infrared RejuvaTan A healthy spray tan that treats your skin and elevates your spirits in these cold, grey winter months.

Press Contact:

Email: Phone: 347-248-2533

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