Boomers and Seniors… Here’s Your Chance to Tell Hollywood What Kind of Movies You Want –New Petition Seeks 1 Million Signees

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Then You’ll Want to Sign This Petition to Make More Movies for Senior Cinema Enthusiasts

A New Movement by New York Times Bestselling Author and Filmmaker James Twyman Seeks to Put One Million+ Signatures on the Desks of Hollywood Film Decision-Makers

So you’ve had enough! You’re 50+ and you’re fed up with violent, too intense, crude, blockbuster or youth-driven films that ignore your craving for uplifting, inspirational, real life or romantic movies that move you or fill your heart with love and joy, and whose protagonists are in your age group.

Now’s your chance to tell Hollywood how you feel! New York Times bestselling author and award-winning filmmaker James Twyman is launching a movement under the banner of The Senior Cinema Circle to gather one million or more signatures to place on the desk of Hollywood’s decision makers demanding movies that appeal to the Baby Boomer and esteemed elder set.

“Seniors are usually ignored by the Hollywood system,” says James Twyman, the president of The Senior Cinema Circle and producer/co-writer of the upcoming film Redwood Highway. “An occasional film focused on older adults coesteemed elder set/group comes out of the UK now and then, like The Exotic Marigold Hotel or Quartet, and even France with last year’s Amour. But the American film industry hasn’t caught up, and doesn’t seem to want to.”

Hollywood is overlooking a source of financial gold and customer loyalty.

“Studies have shown that seniors are far more likely to see films in theaters than younger people,” notes Twyman. “They aren’t as adapted to movie streaming and all the new media options, so they just get in their cars and drive to the local cinema when a movie comes out they can relate to. Seniors have more time on their hands and they are a market that is simply waiting to explode. Give them what they want and they will come!”

Consider these facts:

  1. The senior age group is now, for the first time, the largest in terms of size and percent of the population in the US.
  2. There are an estimated 76 Million “Baby Boomers” in the US, and approximately 43 million over sixty-five.
  3. Last year 7.9 million adults 50+ saw a film once a month or more, up from 6.2 million in 2011.
  4. Boomers and Seniors have four times more disposable income than their younger counterparts.
  5. They support films that resonate with them –The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel did $46 million business in the US and $90 million globally.
  6. Consider the box office success of Hope Springs, The Bucket List and The Notebook in recent years, films that appealed to audiences in multiple demographics.

“Someone has to see the opportunity here,” Twyman said. “Give people better films and they will come more often. Every person I know over the age of 50 is complaining that there is so little at the box office that is worthwhile spending money on.”

Twyman’s Senior Cinema Circle is taking the lead, creating an online survey and petition aimed at demonstrating to Hollywood that there is a market to serve, and demanding that film industry decision makers no longer overlook this willing and growing demographic.

The information gained from the “One Million Senior Voices” campaign will be shared with movie studios, producers and film distributers to convince them that it’s time to stop ignoring Baby Boomers.

“The movie industry must hear directly from seniors who want to see more films being made that suit their interests,” observes Twyman. “With the focus on mega-films based on comic book characters and action movies that cost $100 million or more, there doesn’t seem to be much room for story-driven movies based on mature themes. If we can gather at least one million names, it will show them that seniors are committed to paying to see films they believe in.”

To fill out the survey and join the online petition, go to:

About James Twyman:
James Twyman is the New York Times bestselling author of 15 books, as well as the producer/director/writer of five films including the award-winning feature film Indigo. His newest film, Redwood Highway, will debut in the beginning of 2014, and will be previewed in more than 6000 senior residences around the nation. He currently travels around the world promoting films for what he believes to be the most important, and underserved film audience in history – elders.

About Senior Cinema Circle:
The Senior Cinema Circle is the only organization completely dedicated to producing inspiring films for seniors and Baby Boomers, and is leading an effort to revolutionize the film industry. Its mission is to create more movies that appeal to this vital demographic, to drive consumer demand for such films and to mobilize Hollywood to bring forth box office fare that fills the current void. To that effort, it is sponsoring a survey and petition commanding the attention of Hollywood decision makers.

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