Block Hackers with Stealth Login Scripts and Strong Passwords

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Block Hackers with Stealth Login Scripts and Strong PasswordsAfter being hacked 28,000,000 times in one day, Dr. Peter Achutha has developed impossible to hack php login scripts which he is giving away freely. His hope is such scripts will make the internet a safer place.

His sites were hacked over a period of several months and as a result experienced very high CPU usage for both his shared hosting websites. As a result, Dr. Peter Achutha has developed several techniques to defeat hackers. Most of these techniques are methods to deceive hackers into hacking the wrong scripts and thereby saving your original website scripts from being attacked. Deception is the best defense against hackers.

Stealth php login scripts
One of these techniques is to use login php scripts that are designed to mislead and defeat hackers and make it very difficult to login into software such as WordPress. He has developed two php login scripts that he is giving away freely so that many honest to God hard working bloggers can protect their blogs from hackers. Your login php scripts can now operate in stealth mode, that is your login scripts are hidden in your server and unsuspecting hackers will attempt to login to his login scripts where they can do no damage to your site. He says “I have noticed that hackers spend an unbelievable amount of hours hacking away at my dummy scripts which is really good as they are not spending time hacking away at other scripts and websites. Deception is really the best defense against hackers.”  He describes three ways to hide your login scripts. Please see for details and free download.

Powerful Passwords
The other technique he has explained is how to generate powerful and easy to remember passwords. These are long passwords with all combinations of alphanumeric characters and symbols that are easy to remember and are difficult to hack.  From experience he has found that good passwords can take years, if not centuries, to hack. He says “A government or private institution had used 30 to 60 PC’s to break my passwords. They had tried more than 28,000,000 attempts over a 24 hour period to log into my websites and then gave up. My sites are still running.” He clearly explains how to make difficult to hack passwords and the time it could potentially take to break such passwords. For more details please see to learn how to create difficult to hack passwords.

Non WordPress Login
He says that if you are using some other application other than WordPress it is still possible to use his php login scripts. As long as there is a separate php login script for your application package you can substitute his login scripts to block hackers. Having installed his login scripts you can then go into stealth mode and hide your original login scripts from potential hackers. He says techniques similar to password protection methods can be used to go into stealth mode.

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