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Every October the search begins for good Halloween party music.  There are just a few “go-to” songs:  Thriller, Monster Mash and Dead Man’s party.  Apart from these standards, the one real standout Halloween song in the last 10 years is Nikki Lynn Katt’s cult classic Halloween comedy rock anthem “This Halloween”.  It is a song that pays tribute to that one day every year when all ladies have an excuse to dress as slutty as they possibly can and celebrates the ladies who take the opportunity to do so.

The music video for “This Halloween” was featured on MTV’s “Total Request Live”, Fuse’s “The Sauce” and has received millions of hits combined on various digital content platforms.  Katt just re-released the video in both censored and uncensored versions on YouTube in higher resolutions for better image quality than was previously available, and they are gaining thousands more hits every minute as we get closer to the big day.

But what is Nikki Lynn Katt doing now?  She is making a new comedy music album entitled “Dance Your Hate Away”, which is currently being successfully crowd funded on  Her Kickstarter campaign video is both hilarious and hot.  She even does some sexy burlesque dancing in it.  A “must see”, the video can be found on her Kickstarter campaign page here:

If you want to include “This Halloween” in your Halloween playlist (as you should), you can always purchase the song on iTunes, but if you purchase it through her Kickstarter campaign page, for only $1 you get “This Halloween” along with 7 other previously released tracks. 

We may know Nikki Lynn Katt best here in the US as the edgy LA comic responsible for “This Halloween”, but internationally she is a bit of a cult comedy music legend, especially in comedy circuits in Australia and the UK.  Her song “Don’t Forget About the Balls” reached number 55 on Australia’s iTunes Top 100 Comedy Songs Chart, beating out tracks by some of her idols, including The Lonely Island, Adam Sandler and Weird Al.  She is popular worldwide for her brand of sexually risqué, yet sweet and innocent delivery of comedy music and stand-up.  True to form, Katt has come up with some eyebrow raising, yet commendably enterprising, pledge rewards for the crowd funding of her new album. 

“Dance Your Hate Away”, blends Katt’s previously stripped-down comedy songs with electronic dance inspired pop, making her the female answer to The Lonely Island and Ylvis.  The endeavor into this new genre for Katt is taking her sexual angst and tortured soul-filled comedy music from sounding like a camp fire song to sounding like a big huge party that is making her fans want to dance their hate away. 

Nikki Lynn Katt’s biographical information, music videos and more can be found by visiting her website:


The new “Dance Your Hate Away” album is available for pre-order by visiting and searching “Nikki Lynn Katt Dance Your Hate Away” before sales close on Sunday, November 3rd at midnight, Pacific Time, or by clicking here:  

In the meantime, if your Halloween playlist does not currently include Nikki Lynn Katt’s “This Halloween“, you should make sure to add it immediately.

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