BEREAVE Starring Malcolm McDowell & Neve Campbell Finding More Early Success on Kickstarter

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PRESS RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA (Thursday, September 5, 2013) Having tried Indiegogo and struggled to raise $26,017 (in a span of 48 days with an adjusted goal of $50,000), the Giovanis brothers and Malcolm McDowell have decided Kickstarter is an option they need to pursue with their film BEREAVE.

With over 224 credits to his stellar career and for the first time in his accomplished history, legendary actor Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, The Artist), is participating and fulfilling perks in this crowd funding campaign to help raise funds and produce his passion project “Bereave” which he describes as “a gorgeous, little jewel of a movie.”

“Like many filmmakers, we weren’t sure which crowd funding site to choose. We went with Indiegogo originally as they seemed personable, and they are – but when we launched, we struggled to raise awareness, get picked up by the press and frankly, having seen success story after success story for campaigns like Spike Lee, Zach Braff and Veronica Mars on Kickstarter – we decided we had to try Kickstarter,” said Evangelos Giovanis.  Thus far, their hunch is proving true.

In under 24 hours and with a bigger goal of $100,000 the BEREAVE campaign has raised $13,611 and is about 13.5% funded. The Giovanis brothers feel the difference is a direct result of the bigger, more engaged and supportive community that Kickstarter undeniably has.

“I think people are more willing to get involved and invest in the fixed campaign model, where backers get all their money back if the goal is not met. As a filmmaker you are tempted by the flexible campaign model that Indiegogo offers, it’s comforting. But as a backer, and thinking of it from their perspective; I realized the fixed campaign model makes more sense to people and it is more secure,” said Evangelos Giovanis. “Everybody has their opinion, and mine is just that , but I’m already feeling more love on Kickstarter. We raised 13.5% of our goal in less than 12 hours without a press release and 86% of those backers have come directly from within the Kickstarter community. I can’t say we’ve won yet, and we have a long ways to go to reach our goal, but we are doing much better in our first few hours. I hope we are fortunate enough to continue and eventually hit our mark,” he said.

Award winning filmmakers and brothers Evangelos Giovanis & George Giovanis will be co-directing. The Giovanis brothers have won over five awards for previous films at prestigious film festivals such as the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. They have been trying to finance “Bereave” in a traditional manner for six years now. In that struggle, they realized that they need to go cutting edge and try the crowd funding method; especially for an art-house film such as this. Since signing on a year ago, Malcolm has supported the project on many levels and continues to do so, hoping this film gets on the screen for the world to see in 2014.

Mr. McDowell is attached for the lead role of Garvey and is also an Executive Producer on the project.  “Bereave” also stars Neve Campbell (Wild Things, Scream), a brilliant actress and winner of the Prism & Saturn Awards with over 50 credits to her name and the charismatic JJ Feild (Captain America: The First Avenger, Centurion).  

LOGLINE: Struggling with his own mortality and unable to reveal this secret to his family, Garvey thinks he has figured out how to die alone. But when his beloved wife Evelyn goes missing on their anniversary, he must live to save her! In that short time, Garvey realizes what life still has to offer and in following his journey; we do too.

“Everybody involved is looking at it as a true passion project because they believe in the script, they believe in the message of love and hope in the story, and they believe in us,” said Evangelos. “We need the crowd to love us too. I have faith. They’ve done it before on a much bigger scale than this. We’re not asking for millions and we’ve already invested all our life savings in our previous film. People who invest in us, invest in a true underdog; that’s the bottom line.”

The BEREAVE campaign has 32 days to raise $100,000. Backers are rewarded with gestures of goodwill such as a digital download of the completed film, roles in the film, advanced film screenings, day passes on set, props from the set, dinner with Malcolm McDowell, voicemails, videos and more awesome perks!

By visiting the campaign home page potential contributors can check out the interesting video and learn more about this project.

Thus far the campaign has sold 3 Dinner Perks valued at $1,850 (an elaborate dinner with Malcolm McDowell, along with tickets to the premiere & other gifts), an Actor/Associate Producer Perk valued at $7,000 (an opportunity to have a speaking role in the film, along with tickets to the premiere & other gifts) and several other smaller perks. “One dinner guest is flying all the way from England to dine with us! We need to make sure the food is delicious,” exclaimed Evangelos Giovanis.

Fans of Malcolm McDowell, Neve Campbell and JJ Field are encouraged to pledge and also help by spreading the word in sharing on FB page, Twitter and all other social media networking methods available to them.

The BEREAVE film campaign appreciates you taking the time to read this. Again, our link is

Thanks for everything.

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Contact Name and Position: Evangelos Giovanis, owner of campaign

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