Become Part of the Safe Skincare Revolution, CV Skinlabs Launches First Crowdsourced Funding Drive

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New York, NY – CV Skinlabs, a new skincare line created for those with extremely sensitive skin conditions, launches its first crowdsourced funding campaign on April 11, 2013 with Indiegogo. (

CV Skinlabs, founded by Britta Aragon, who has first-hand experience with highly sensitive skin conditions as both a cancer survivor and caregiver, created CV Skinlabs for the most sensitive skin conditions. Each product helps repair skin from the damaging effects of chronic dryness, chemotherapy, sun exposure, radiation treatments and cosmetic laser treatments. It’s also ideal for dry and sensitive skin conditions including eczema, as well as skin affected from daily environmental agressors. CV Skinlabs is also the solution for consumers tired of finding harsh chemicals, synthetics and potential carcinogens in the products they use everyday.

The crowd funding campaign has a goal of raising $65,000 in order to drive a national sampling campaign to hospitals nationwide – to reach those who need this type of care most. The campaign will also fund an effort to get CV Skinlabs into all the cancer centers nationwide. “Our goal is to reach the epicenter of the most sensitive skin conditions, as part of this campaign. We want to bring relief to those who are most affected by extremely sensitive skin conditions,” explained Britta Aragon. “The funding campaign will help CV Skinlabs reach those who need it most, educate patients, doctors and caregivers, and anyone seeking non-toxic and safe care.”

Britta Aragon created CV Skinlabs to honor her father who suffered from extremely fragile skin as he battled cancer. Finding no solutions for him, she wanted to ensure that others who are dealing with this painful challenge find some real relief. CV Skinlabs’ safe, clean formulations relieve skin damaging symptoms caused by highly chemical medical treatments, or other extremely dry or sensitive skin conditions. Other skincare offerings do not address this increasingly common challenge, one that requires non-chemical and effective alternatives to the current chemically-laden products on the market.

In today’s world of “Big Beauty” brands, companies continue to use questionable chemical ingredients because they are inexpensive and readily available, despite the studies that consistently point to potentially carcinogenic properties of some these ingredients. CV Skinlabs believes that nature has already provided us with safe and effective ingredients that are clinically proven to work.

Your Support Rewarded

This funding drive is filled with great rewards – many which will allow supporters to try the CV Skinlabs products as a reward for their donation. “We believe in creating healthy products and want anyone who is concerned for product safety, to get involved,” explains Britta Aragon, founder of CV Skinlabs. “Providing safe, natural and luxurious products that create luminous, glowing skin is something we can all feel great about.”

It’s NOT just about Skincare. It’s about creating CHANGE

“I have spent the last 5 years creating this line while educating and creating awareness about potentially harmful chemicals. Striving to create the highest quality skin care products with the cleanest ingredient deck possible,” explains Britta. “We have invested in extensive R&D as well as in independent clinical testing. Consumer reaction has been nothing short of phenomenal. Beyond treating sensitive skin, CV Skinlabs’ products have amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that everyone can benefit from.”

“It is in everyone’s interest to reduce the use of potentially harmful, synthetically derived chemicals in our personal care. We can no longer ignore the studies. There are known carcinogens present in the personal care products we use every day. The cumulative effect of these ingredients being put onto our body and ultimately absorbed into our skin, is no longer something we can ignore,” explains Britta.  

CV Skinlabs crowd funding campaign is an opportunity to take a stand for Safe Self Care. Become part of something that is bigger than just another beauty company. For more information and to contribute log onto

Headquartered in New York City, CV Skinlabs manufactures safe, personal care products designed to bring relief to the most sensitive skin conditions without irritation or inflammation. CV Skinlabs is sold on, as well as, the highly-vetted beauty commerce site endorsed by Dr. Oz, and other retailers. CV Skinlabs was founded by Britta Aragon, makeup artist, cancer survivor and caregiver, who created this collection to help those who need it most.

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